free printable bird notecards

Today I have been experimenting with simple bird drawings and various views, positions, species.  It’s amazing how a slight change of line can convey such a different feeling.  I’ve been stuck with weird blank looking faces on all my birds and need to figure out how to make them happy smiling birds instead!  I have been sketching and working in Illustrator all this time, but realized it was time for a break…or maybe a nap?

20090723printablebirdienotecardsDownload Birdie Note Cards PDF (58 Kb)

One thing I really like to do is leave little notes.  I’m a huge fan of post-it notes, so darn handy!  But sometimes they are just really boring to look at.  So I create little note cards to scribble notes on for friends and family.  It can be the most mundane message, but a little cute character makes it so much more enjoyable for the recipient.  These little birdies I think are perfect for the purpose (even if they are just the first generation!)  Leave a note in your child’s lunchbox, tape it on the bathroom mirror or top it off with a lovely paperweight on a table…it’ll surely bring a smile.  Enjoy!

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