Happy Thursday to everyone! Every week I join in with Kootoyoo’s creative workspace posting, so here’s a peek at what’s going on around here. I’m still working on my tissue paper roll minibook, making little yo-yo flowers from fabric. I allowed for so much space in between each page that I have to bulk it up now. Maybe one centimeter between each page was a bit much.

On my other little table, I started watercoloring a lady I sketched up…but soon realized this student grade paper really annoys me! Sometimes I get really watery with my watercolor painting, but this paper just doesn’t hold up. Warping and worst of all, paper pilling up. I already have a few blocks of this, so I have to use it up. Erf!

I distracted myself by bringing out some old mini canvases I’ve had lying around, see how crazy they look? I’ve tried to cover them up and do something new because the original collage and acrylic paintings got messed up. Sigh…wish there was a way to strip it all off back to the canvas texture, but given that I have already stitched a heart shape into each one – I’m sort of stuck with major texture along with the layers. Not sure what I’ll do yet…but I want to do something…something…

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