Journaling Tags and Shapes to Cut Out

Today I needed a quick shape template as a guide for cutting out some tag embellishments, so I opened up Illustrator to mock up a shape for printing. What began as a quick and easy shape suddenly turned into a discovery of all the preset brushes and decorative patterns in Illustrator. I was able to whip out a bunch of cool shapes in no time at all! Now my only problem is decided which one to use…hehe! I thought it would be cool to share with all of you, so here’s a PDF with all 3 pages of tags, blank and lined versions.

Download the Journaling Tags Frames to Cut PDF

Feel free to use in any of your personal projects and let me know if it’s useful to you. Journaling tags are often included in scrapbook pages, but you can also make altered decorative tags for gifts, use them in your art journal and add them to altered books. It’s always nice to have a slightly fancy shape to use rather than just a plain rectangle or circle. I don’t have a die-cut machine so I have to cut shapes out by hand. I find having a guide helps a lot, so that’s why I create them digitally to print out and cut or sometimes I use the print-out as a cutting guide on top of patterned paper. Hope you enjoy…ciao ciao!

  • Magaly Ohika

    Hey linda!

    Nice to see you stop by my blog. Thank you for your lovely comment hon!

    I love your blog!!!!!!!!!
    love your templates!
    big hugssssssss!

    • linda

      Ciao Ohika! Thanks for stopping by my blog as well, always love your artwork and thoughts :)

  • Lynn Mercurio

    Thank you so much Linda for sharing these beautiful journaling tags. I look forward to printing them and using on a project soon!

    • linda

      You are very welcome, Lynn! Glad they can be of some use :)

  • kt

    very cool! I just need to get some new printer ink and get printing.
    thanks for sharing these,

    • linda

      Prego! It’s fun to just create stuff digitally….I’m totally hybrid about my crafting – whatever works!

  • Karin

    What a great discovery – thanks for sharing them Linda! Sometimes I feel like I have a treasure chest at my finger tips, but i’ve lost the key because I am kind of a computer dolt! I know if I took the time it would come, but that time thing… My paint brush calls too loudly I guess :) happy creating!

    • linda

      Thanks Karin! Glad you can make use of them…oh and the computer is just like any other tool…hehe. A bit of practice and we’ll all get it! Happy creating!

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  • aimee

    LOVE ’em! mille grazie!!

    • linda

      You are very welcome – prego!

  • Jemma

    Thanks for these – found your blog via the Counterfeit Kit Challenge – you have some lovely freebies.

    • linda

      You are very welcome- enjoy!

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