Art Journal With Me – Gridlock of Quotes

I showed a peek of my page on yesterday’s post, but have added in some freehand doodling and writing today. The shiny gold tag you see is actually a clothing tag, but I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away. Have you used normal everyday items in your journaling, some of sort ephemera? It’s interesting to look up the definition of ephemera and realize that it covers a lot of stuff we would like to keep, even though it’s not made to saved. Ticket stubs, flyers, handouts, even advertisements or magazine cutouts. Sometimes they are just so interesting to look at and beautiful, you can’t possibly toss it out!

This whole spread was inspired by the prompt over on Michelle Ward’s blog…the exploration of grids and non-grids. Check it out and let me know what you think! Happy Tuesday all…ciao ciao.

  • Michelle Ward

    Linda – fun to scroll down to your last post to see how you started out, then see how you completed it here. Terrific interpretation on a grid! Love the linear organization of it, and how you made it your own by stretching the boundaries. Thanks for joining in and sharing your pages with the team!

    • linda

      Hi Michelle! Thanks so much for showing the non-grid grids…just totally opened up new avenues for me :)

  • Carissa

    Hey Linda! Have I mentioned that I really need to get my blogself more organized?! I need to do bloglines or something like that because I keep missing your beautiful updates! Your blog is so inspiring, I love all the things you share.

    Your bound journals are ever-so-lovely + this grid project is so cool too! It makes me want to bust out my square punch + go to town!

    So much love to you my friend!

    I’m going to let loose and have a beer like you recommended below!


    • linda

      Hi Carissa! Awee, so nice of you to follow along…maybe if you use an RSS reader. I am subscribed to so many, just don’t want to miss out! Thanks for visiting and I really appreciate your comments :) I am so into journals now, can’t stop making ’em! Definitely have a beer – yay!

  • Karen Poirier-Brode (Ladydoc)

    Love your grid art journal. Very inspiring. I may try this!
    Always fun to join you in the conversation at Paperclipping Roundtable.
    I’ll need to visit your blog more often!
    Thanks for visiting my blog. You mentioned seeing my LO elsewhere. Not Two Peas! Rarely go there! Maybe on the challenge page at Paperclipping. Otherwise it did show up in Nic Howard’s BPS class and on Fiskateers.

    • linda

      Thanks so much Karen! I think everyone should art journal and I don’t mean it has to be drawing or painting… it’s just a place for you to have creative play and let it all out. It’s like a notebook…some pages might be your grocery list and others something you were inspired to create :) Oh and it’s definitely nice to see you in the comments and I am thankful to have found Paperclipping – learning so much! Oh, I saw it somewhere in my blog hopping…hehe…

  • kt

    linda please keep sharing this i love watching it grow!

    • linda

      Thanks so much! I post about my art journaling every tuesday… but lately have been really into making journals…can’t stop! Will share soon!

  • TJ

    Linda your grid is so happy and fun! I love how you implemented tags. I’m a new crusader, and have been enjoying Michelle’s challenges while finding new artists and their blogs. I just came back from Italy last week. What a great place to get to live. Happy creations! tj in germany

    • linda

      Thanks so much! I have a whole bunch of those tags and need to find ways to use them. I’m totally new to the crusade prompts too… but find them really informative and fun so far! Oh wow, how funny you were just in Italy…woohoo! I love it here…but I love germany too … and beer :)

  • MissKoolAid

    I love all the doodles and the big tags. I, too, am guilty of using clothes’ tags in my art journal. Sometimes, they are just too pretty to throw away!

    • linda

      I totally agree..hehe…yay for recycling and reuse!

  • regina

    Neat way to display quotes. I like your grid very much!

    • linda

      Thanks so much, Regina!

  • dawn

    I love how you interpreted Michelle’s crusade! What a gorgeous spread. I like that you put in little ephemera in your journal. I throw away everything that I don’t think I will use again!

    • linda

      Thanks, Dawn! I definitely like to keep ephemera…incorporating bits of our every lives in my journal.

  • Brigitte

    Fantastic grid ! I especially love all the doodling, gives the pages that nice handdrawn effect. Thanks for sharing !

    • linda

      thanks, brigitte! doodling is pretty fun and it’s nice to have the grid to take it one piece at a time.

  • Rosemary Griffin

    I have saved several clothing tags, haven’t used them yet. Great looking pages.

    • linda

      Yeah, it’s a great way to reuse and some clothing tags are so beautiful! Thanks for stopping by.

  • Helen

    Love your pages and the ephemera, I make holiday books and I love to paste in all sorts of things. Love your posts on bookbinding too, by the way.

    • linda

      Thanks Helen! I love making minibooks…it’s just such a fun and nice project to do. Glad you find the bookbinding posts helpful – let me know if you are looking for anything specific!

  • Michelle

    Love those doodles. Nice tags too (love green). Fantastic journal layout.

    • linda

      Thanks, Michelle!

  • Cath S

    What a beautiful grid, the colours are lovely. We were in Italy in May and your page takes me back there somehow. Thank you for that.

    • linda

      Thanks! I guess it’s the grungy old world look? hehe…hope to participate more in the crusades :)