Girls With A Message – Taking Suggestions

Hello everyone! Thank you for your interest in my open series of girl illustrations. I call my series of characters “girls with a message” and wanted to start up a blog post to collect your requests and suggestions.

There are no limits or minimums in my ongoing project, as I would like to keep it an organic process with no pressures. The point is to inspire and spread meaningful messages in a fun and playful manner. With bold, bright and colorful illustrations of girls bearing thoughtful messages, I hope to inspire mothers and daughters around the world to seize the day and live blissfully in a mindful manner. Being a woman myself, this project is specifically for us… because all too often, we overlook our own needs, our own dreams and goals…while playing the role of caretaker.

Please enter your suggestions in the comments below and I’ll try to incorporate them over time. I don’t know if I will able to transform all suggestions into a piece, but I will try  my hardest. As a legal note, please don’t suggest anything copyrighted or trademarked…I certainly don’t want to infringe on any other creative work out there.

You can sign up for my newsletter in the box on the right-hand side of this blog to keep updated with new releases. You will get a special printable version of one of my girl characters when you sign up. It is my hope to spread the love and joy to those who need that little message and nudge in positivity and understanding.

Thank you in advance for your input, I really do appreciate it. My hope is to combine the beauty and meaning of artwork into everyday life items.

Visit this post for info on where to buy and how to help!

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  • Gretchen

    Love this :) How about “Be You” or “Be Authentic”

  • gretchen/juneatnoon

    It’s a lovely project, Linda. I’ll let you know if I think of anything inspiring. For now, how about:

    Trust yourself.


  • Denise

    So cute! How about: “Scars are strength” and “My ‘flaws’ make me unique!”

    Love your blog, how have I missed this one?!

  • Linda H

    What a wonderful idea. My first thought, and something I tell our grandchildren all the time is, “beauty comes from within”. Thanks so much for sharing your talents.

  • Laura (sandytoz)

    Ask for help.
    You don’t have to do it all alone.

  • Laura (sandytoz)

    Never stop learning.

  • sarah

    Hi Linda, I love the designs :) I too recommend adding:

    1. Be Original
    2. Be Curious
    3. Be Open
    4. Be Grateful
    5. Be Compassionate
    6. Be Kind to yourself and others
    Hope this helps! 😉
    Have a great weekend!

  • Julie OBrien

    Play Every Day
    Those are my first two suggestions. Neat project!

  • Demetria

    Teach Others
    Love Yourself
    Be You
    Pretty Girls Rock
    You Deserve the Best
    Believe in You
    Be the Best
    Have Faith
    Smile Often, Laugh Much
    Reach for the Stars
    peace + Love = Happiness
    Take time to Relax
    Calm Down

    Here’s just a few from me… Can’t wait to see all the Lovelies that you are gonna create!

  • France

    How about ” Be Strong” , “Never Give up” ,” I’ll Give you a hand?” …. BTW I love you site take care . France

  • Theresa

    They are all super and this is a stunning idea!!!

    Just be you………
    Hug yourself day……..
    Inner reflection on the outside……..

    lotsa luv

  • L Hynes

    How about Bloom?
    They are truly lovely and I think you could go on forever!

  • Benita

    How about “Let Go” or “Let Go and love”

    Still think my mom is a control freak man..hahahaha

  • Judy Campbell

    My suggestions:
    Be Blessed!
    God Loves You
    Soar Like A Eagle
    You’re A Angel
    Keep Praying
    Trust In God
    Be Still

  • Tracey Fletcher King

    Phantom suggested Queen of the float, but kind of thinking that is a bit specific to our family…. how about… have fun… remember to laugh… and embrace silliness… we spend so much time telling our daughters about what they will be up against and things, but we have to remember to tell them to jump in and love life too… that it is mad and silly and ridiculous and if you can laugh at it all then it will probably all work out… love the project and look forward to following up and seeing what you come up with…xx

  • Tracey Fletcher King

    oooo… and chocolate is your friend…. never forget that one!!!

  • Cyn

    I like the one word idea:
    and Im so proud to have you for my daughter.

  • Kristin



    Purposefully Made

    Walk Purposefully

  • Marianne

    One of my goals:


    “be yourself”

    “sing out loud” or just “sing”

    “be aware”

    • Marianne

      And from your own blog: “take action”

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  • Anna

    Be Extraordinary!

    What I tell my girl everyday!

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