Illustration Friday: Tree

This week the topic at Illustration Friday is tree and I decided to practice a bit of digital coloring with a simple line drawing. I first sketched out a lovey dovey tree then scanned the black and white drawing. I quickly colored on a layer behind my line drawing and added some shabby variation on top to finish it off. It’s amazing how a little bit of texture can spiff up a simple illo. Hope you like it!

  • chel

    It’s LOVELY- I love the way the power of the color works with the simplicity of the tree. It’s just beautiful! I would love to have a huge print of this hanging in my house!

  • Koosje

    It is a lovely tree. I totally agree, it is amazing what a difference it can make. How did you add the texture in Photoshop?

    • LTieu

      Thanks! I add texture by using a textured image over everything in Photoshop. Usually “Overlay” or “Multiply” as the top layer.