Summer Vacation

This past month I’ve been on vacation, visiting family in Southern California and road tripping it, just like my childhood days. It’s been really fun and wonderful to be able to show my little boy the sights in Western America. I love passing through the many┬ánational parks in the area… just beautiful scenery all around. America the beautiful…

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The little guy was darn well behaved – as much as can be expected – for such a long road trip. We drove over 3,000 miles by the end of our 1 week trip. Wowsers! Now it’s getting back into a slow groove at home with my parents and visiting with friends and family. I must admit that everything else has been on hold and slow moving… as I’m completely distracted!

That’s summer vacation for you…

  • feral pony

    So beautiful! Your photos make me want to travel out west. Hope you had fun!

    • Linda Tieu

      Thanks so much… definitely having a great time here!