Need coffee, just about right now?! I often get that craving and suddenly the battle of should I or should I not ensues!

Even when I’m super busy, trying to juggle mom life, work life and creative life all together… I try to find a few minutes to play in my art journal. Sometimes that is the “fix” that I really need. It’s helpful for my sanity and mood to do something fun and creative.

LTieu need coffee

This is a page in my journal for the ecourse  The Creative Life: Documented with Amy Tan and Jamie Waters. I was inspired to create the graphic about coffee because I realize how much I love it and practically need it sometimes. It’s just become a routine and ritual, more than the actual physical need – if that makes sense?

Or maybe it’s both – for the love and need of coffee!

It was a quick and easy page to get my creative fix for the day for sure. That is something that I learned from the class – that it really doesn’t take that much time to satisfy my creative needs. It’s not about the best or perfect layout or design – not the point at all!

Need Coffee-01

I would love to share the need coffee graphic I designed as a printable with you – just click the image to get the full size graphic to download. I hope that it satisfies your creative fix, if not the coffee one 🙂

Have fun and let me know what you create – enjoy!

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