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tortagialla etsy shop - cute illustrations on fine art paper goods

You can tell on the photo that I’ve been on Etsy since 2009, but never really listed much as I was always “working on it.” Hmm… we all know how that goes. From many different trials and experimentations as well as challenges, I’ve finally got things sorted out and listed my greeting card designs and art prints. Woohoo!!!

Besides the various printable products, I’ve added all 26 Girls With A Message art prints. Now more than ever, I feel like my motivational messages are needed in this world. My cute girl illustrations help to spread positivity and inspiration, not to mention it’s on 350gsm super thick and luscious Hahnemühle cotton paper *swoon* I suppose only a paper addict might really care, but rest assured that you are getting museum quality art prints from me!

I’ve also added 14 different greeting card designs for now. I still have some printing limitations, so can’t include all kinds of designs just yet. But something is better than nothing! It seems I have been holding myself back, in thinking I need to get it all perfect before launch… but really it was all just an excuse. No more! Now is the time to step forward and put it all out there. Because gosh darn it… life is short…

Anyway, I’ve also added pocket notebooks, sort of like a greeting card to yourself! You can beautiful design, but also quality paper to document all your thoughts and notes. I’m quite proud of myself for putting it all together… and will be adding more soon. Check out my Etsy shop for all the goodies and if you want some sweet deals don’t forget to subscribe to my weekly newsletter.


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