Welcome to tortagialla, my cozy little digital home!

My name is Linda Tieu and I’m mama to Christopher and Alice, living in the Tuscan hills with my superhero husband and Westie dog. I’m originally from Southern California and very much a valley girl!

My adventures online started in the pre-blog days of creating random web pages because I learned this thing called HTML. Nothing could stop me from publishing bits and pieces of my life since then.

Reflecting back, it’s obvious that I’ve always wanted to share and connect with others. This online space has become a home for my creative passions and I hope that you will take away some goodness from my work.

If you are on a constant mission to improve your life, follow your creativity and live better… then you are in the right place!

I love printables, because they are accessible instantly and easy to share. That’s why I design them and share them – anything from collage sheets to planner inserts to patterned paper and all kinds of stationery.

Printables are great to use for planning and organization as well as art journaling and creative play. Over time, I’ve realized that my curiosity and enthusiasm for DIY and crafts is really all about self-expression and ultimately health & wellness.

I live creative to live a better life.

I believe that creativity enables us to express ourselves.

Expression leads to learning and self-development.

That leads to improvement and change in our lives.

And that means there is always hope for the better.


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