June 2015 Memory Book Pages

Yup, it’s sort of inevitable to fall behind when it comes to memory keeping. After all, we are chasing our memories in real-time… how can one ever be “caught up” truly? The month of June really flew by for me and I didn’t even take notes on what happened day to day for my highlights calendar. Thank goodness for taking photos, because at least when I review the various snapshots I can sort of piece together the month. However, it’s difficult to remember details with the rush of time… all the more reason to take notes and scrapbook, right?

LTieu scrap1

This month I actually started using actual pocket pages for 4×6 photos, but realized it’s a bit trickier than I had imagined. I actually don’t like seeing the white from the photo on the back – crazy detail that is sort of “ugh” for me. And embellishments are difficult when they are seen from the other side as well. Not sure what I want to do…LTieu scrap2

I still love creating pages of different sizes though, so I suppose it’s all a frame of mind kind of thing.

LTieu scrap3

Depending on how elaborate one is when it comes to embellishment, I’m not sure pocket pages are really that much faster than just slapping photos onto pieces of cardstock. Or is it because there is the plastic protection that people want? In my memory book, I have a mix of pages that have the protector or not… it’s sort of a mixed bag.

LTieu scrap4

I have run into issues already of things sticking on opposite pages, so I suppose that is a case for putting everything in page protectors. But I have to say the feeling of the book changes when there is plastic in it… don’t you think?

LTieu scrap5

This month was quick to put together, when I finally got to it, only because I forgot most of the details and didn’t have much time to collect items or even take that many photos.

LTieu scrap6

My book is still bulking up and I’m hoping that after completing a full year in this memory book style, I will have better clarity of what I want to do next year. I’m still using Studio Calico project life kit supplies at this point. I really have an overflow of supplies because I don’t use that much product in general. Now on to the next month…

How is your scrapbooking and memory keeping going?

Happy Print Club August 2015 Releases

I can’t believe that we are already winding down from summer 2015! But I think it’s never too late to bring in some tropical design flair and this month the designs released at HappyPrintClub.com are all about flamingos, pineapples and pina coladas. Yup, it’s all very trendy!


I’m exploring a loose and sketchy design style and I think it all fits very well with the subjects I have chosen. Hope you like the printables, let me know what you think! Do you love stationery printables? Check out HappyPrintClub.com!


These past couple of weeks I have been creating a visual moodboard each week to participate in Decor8’s moodboard instagram challenge.



It’s actually been a very relaxing and fun process to go through my collection of magazines. Not only am I finally using my magazines and destashing in a sense (still cleaning out my studio space), it’s also a bit of creative funtime to quickly collage and put pretty things together.



The more I learn about visual inspiration and how it transforms and affects a piece of work, the more I understand and agree that it is essential for the design process. I watched the fabric design course on creativebug and it really clicked for me when listening and seeing how Denyse Schmidt puts a name to her collection and the story she creates to support it. Very cool! BTW, the amazing thing is that you can try creativebug premium free for 14 days… like an ecourse binge watching session even if you don’t plan to continue. But honestly at less than $5 a month, it’s a steal for creatives!


I suppose it is a pinterest board the old fashioned way. Do you create moodboards to start a project off?


Happy Print Club Updates

Months and have flown by and I have failed to remind y’all that two new releases have been posted to Happy Print Club! 

My happy designs for a very happy summer… I’m sure you know someone who deserves to receive some snail mail from you?



I have also posted a freebie so you can try printing at home immediately! It’s a revival of my anatomical heart drawing – cool, yes? Hop on over and check out Happy Print Club!


Experimenting on Periscope

Working from home means I often feel disconnected from the rest of the world… the real world. So of course I think it’s amazing to be able to connect with others in real-time as if I was a social butterfly, chatting it up in a cool coffee shop.

Enter Periscope! It’s the latest social media platform by Twitter allowing you to broadcast live anytime, anywhere. People can tune in and comment live, so it’s a community thing that can’t be contrived since it’s LIVE broadcasting.

I’m really a shy person and have never felt comfortable doing video, even though I love watching videos of others who share their art. But the ease of using Periscope made me dive in, not to mention the buzz!

LTieu doodle 01

I decided to join in on the fun and put myself out there – finally. Although I’m busy caring for my newborn and toddler, I know that my business has been in a slump because I refrain from putting myself out there fully. There are a lot of fears around my hesitations… but for a variety of reasons – RIGHT NOW – I really need to step up. This is a first step in that direction. Join me? My handle is @tortagialla

Are you on Periscope? Would love to follow and chat up!

May 2015 Memory Book Pages

Finally, I’ve managed to gather my photos for May into my memory book. I definitely love the full-size photos, perhaps because it’s also easy and fast! But also a lot of 4×6 photos that I have to put together somehow. Still need to fill in some journaling spots, but happy to have it organized and in my book at this point.

I blogged before about how all these pages in one book is getting pretty chunky. I worry about how I can make it to the end of the year without having to cut too many photos. So I decided to buy bigger binder rings to solve the problem, but now I think they might be a bit too big. Leave it to me to go overboard! The rings are so large that even the punched holes seem too small for smooth page turning… I might have to go back down a size now…


My days are getting busier and although I still love the mix of different pages and sizes of photos, I’m starting to crave the ease of pocket pages in Project Life. If only there was a system for A4 size pages. I know that 12×12 is way too big for me and I will probably never switch to that size. Part of me wants to keep with A4 just to be consistent with all the binders I already have… but maybe 9×12? Hmm… we will see what happens.

For now, I’m going to stick with what I’ve been doing and go with the flow. Still using Studio Calico project life kit supplies. How is your scrapbooking and memory keeping going?

Currently Crushing…

Last month I blogged about my consumeristic wants and I wanted to do the same this month, but I’ve been pretty busy with the new baby and not really looking at much to have a lot of wants. I think the only thing is my planner obsession and wanting to buy supplies – so much cute stuff! I want to sign up for planner kits, I envy people with access to Target’s dollar spot, and keep drooling over items on ebay…


However, I want to reflect back on my previous list as well. I’m finding that it really helps to write it out and give myself some time before actually purchasing. Over time we get a better sense of really wanting/needing something or if it was just an impulse at the time.

In my planner craze, I ended up signing up for The Creative Planner Workshop instead of the kits since it was a one time fee. I really enjoyed indulging in my new planner obsession, but I am holding back on buying supplies. There’s just too much stuff!

I decided not to buy frixion pens because with heat your writing can actually be erased… I really don’t need the novelty which is what it’s all about for me. Pass.

I did sign up for a trial with creativebug and enjoying the classes… I’m afraid I just need more time!

I skipped on the coffee maker because I also discovered cold brewing and now I can’t decide what to go with. The book by Amy Poehler is still on my list, but just haven’t had the time to read much these days.

Thoughts on Art Journaling and Why It’s For Everyone


What is Art Journaling?

Art journaling is difficult to define because it can be so many different things. Although there might be trends and popular ways to approach art journaling, I believe there truly aren’t any rules at all.

In fact, the more I think about it, the more I broaden my definition. Art journaling is a record of your thoughts, emotions and experimentations over time in a book-ish form. There are those who have illustrated diaries, sketchbooks, travel journals, diet diaries, dream journals or simply to-do lists… but really they are all a type of art journal for that particular person.


Perhaps it is the word “art” that throws us all off. We think of “Art” with the capital A and suddenly a whole lot of expectations are thrown into the mix. Shouldn’t an art journal be beautiful? Don’t you need artistic skill to art journal? Well, I think our lives are most definitely our “Art” – so anything you create and record in your journal is valid. Perhaps we can think of it as the “Art of our lives.” It is different for everyone and the ultimately it is the process not the end result that is important.

For those that are into the planner craze, decorating their notebooks and filofaxes… I sort of think that is a form of art journaling as well. It’s creative playtime after all!


Art Journaling Is For Everyone

I think art journals are for everyone because it is a safe place to express yourself – in whatever way and with whatever medium you wish. The details of how don’t matter. It’s the process of creating that is magical, not the end result.

You might art journal to let it all out, writing out your emotions in raw form. You might art journal as a way to experiment and play with new ideas, techniques or supplies. You might want to document your life and your thoughts. You might just enjoy the creative fun and process of playing in your journal, creating something on the blank page. All of the above perhaps?


So really, anyone can art journal, there is no skill involved. You can have a whole journal filled with ink splatters and criss crossed lines. Or you can just collage magazine clippings. The process and motion of making marks… putting imagery together… that means something. The creative action helps you let out some energy, expressing your emotions in a different form. It’s healing and soothing and hopefully, really fun and enjoyable as well.

The action of creating feeds your soul and I think it makes us better and healthier in the end. That is why art journaling is for everyone. I think we all really need it as a part of our lives.

When I give myself some art journaling time, I’m usually in need of letting something out of my heart and soul. It might be serious and deep or it might be light and happy. Either way, my art journal is a safe haven for me to mull things over. I definitely need that space and time in my life.


Sharing Your Art Journal

These days we see a lot of folks sharing their art journals online for all the world to see. But I don’t think you ever have to share and more often than not, your art journal is more of a personal workbook than a finished piece for exhibition. We can easily be disillusioned by all that we see online, but remember that is only one facet of the person posting. It’s rarely ever the whole truth.

Don’t think you have to reproduce and mimic what you see. It can be fun to join in on the community, but I don’t think that is the core of what art journaling can do for you. It’s so personal and raw that it’s totally okay to keep it to yourself… at least most of it to yourself.

I often share the light and happy parts of my art journaling, not all the other stuff that is deeper, darker, too personal for a public audience. It’s an individual choice really.

Why Not?

I often wonder what stops people from joining in on the wonderful world of art journaling. Notions about what it has to be? There are no rules, just go for it. Fear of being judged? Don’t share. Don’t know how to get started? The easiest way is to use pen and paper and just write your stream of consciousness. Let it flow and slowly go from there. You’ll be surprised how easy it really is. No time? Don’t tell me you don’t spend countless minutes and hours waiting in line, shuffling from one thing to another or zoning out in front of the TV. Instead of letting those little bits of time slip through your fingers wasted, think of how you can take that time for yourself. It will only do your soul good.


Let’s Art Journal

If you would like to get started art journaling, I highly encourage you to do so with simple pen and paper. You don’t really need fancy supplies or an expensive journal. Once you get into it, you’ll naturally expand and explore all that it has to offer and perhaps the fun of getting more supplies as well.

If you want more guidance to start out, consider my Pensieri zine #1 – Art Journaling. It’s my most popular issue and guides you through while being a starter art journal itself!

Are you an art journaler? Want to join in on the creative fun?