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Getting Serious With Art Licensing

For years I have toyed around with the idea of licensing my artwork. For a variety of different reasons, I resisted taking the plunge and have only toyed around and half gone through the motions… losing leads and allowing connections to wither into the air because I lost track and lost sign of the possibilities. Sigh.


Enough playing around – I’ve had enough! Now it’s time to get serious. I took Lilla Roger’s  MATS courses and now I’ve signed up for and Tara Reed’s Art Licensing Academy. There’s no going back.

Sometimes you have to put your money where your mouth is. I feel like now is the time as well, it is the right time… otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to convince myself to INVEST in myself. Funny how everything falls into place.

I’m very excited for Tara’s course because I know she is a down to earth, practical, get it done – kind of person. I like that aspect because I’m not looking for creative lovey doveyness. It’s the focus, business side of things that I need help with. I’ve always looked up to Tara and have learned a lot from and her various products in the past… so I have no doubt that the academy course will push me further.

I’ll actually be back in the States the second half of June – there’s so much going on – but I’m pumped, excited and feel good about it all. I think that is a good indicator of things to come. Wish me luck!

Creative Business 101 Round-Up


Looking for some business know-how geared towards creatives like you and me?

Here’s a round-up of my most helpful creative business 101 posts, sharing lots of actionable steps to life your entrepreneurial spirit and get your work out there.

I’ve learned so much from those before me, so I’m always happy to help others who are just starting their journey!

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The new Gmail helps you prioritize

If you are a Gmail user have you enabled the new  tabs feature? There’s a lot of talk over the changes and it’s going to invariably affect marketing for all creative businesses. There’s good and bad, but generally I really like the new Gmail as a long-time user.

Basically, the new Gmail gives you the option to turn on tabs and organize your emails into 1 to 5 tab categories – Primary, Social, Promotion, Updates, and Forums. You get to choose which tabs to use if you want to use them at all. After using the new setup for a few days, I quickly realized how much time I was wasting previously with distracting email.

gmail tabs

I always hear about people battling their inboxes and not being able to keep up. Try using tabs and you’ll soon realize how much time you might have been wasting sorting and deleting all the social media, promotions and forums type emails. How many hundreds of Facebook emails do you get in a day?

Even if you want to follow those avenues in your email inbox, the new tab organization forces you to deal with the direct emails first. In a way, you get this automated priority to work through. Obviously it’s not perfect for everyone, but I find that the new Gmail is helping me prioritize.

Also, if you star or move an email into the primary tab, Gmail will remember that preference. Nice! From a Gmail user perspective, I’m loving the change!

From a creative business owner perspective, I realize that email marketing has been affected by this change… there are so many Gmail users out there! It’s even more important to keep in touch with your subscribers, asking them to star your email into the primary tab and obviously to create great content that people will want to read instead of delete!

My tortagialla subscribers – please remember to star the next [tortagialla] newsletter email from me or to drag it into your primary tab! That will ensure that you get my emails – pretty please! I’m going to be sending out something special this Friday as a thank you :P

Do you need to revisit your plans?

It’s good measure to revisit your plans on a regular basis, so that you can adjust to the changing times and take into account what is working or not working. With the life change of being a new mom these past months, I’ve definitely had to revisit my own creative business plans…


I’m using my own advice and  following through my guide – The Creative Entrepreneur Toolkit – revising previous goals and also updating the toolkit itself along the way. The more we do, the more we learn! I’ve realized that my take action task for the week is a psychological battle. To admit that I can only do so much and work has to scale down when there are other priorities in life. Duh!

It’s obvious, but seriously a hurdle for me. I’m quite prolific and creating keeps me going! It’s something that enlivens me a sense… so now that there’s limited time and the boy seriously doesn’t take more than 45 minutes naps… I’ve had to alter my expectations!

It’s not about giving in, it’s about being realistic and moving forward.

Perhaps I’ll make other tradeoffs to carve out more time for my creative endeavors (sleep less?), but something has got to give. Yup. It’s a mental battle more than anything else…

Do you regularly revisit your plans and revise your goals? Are they realistic and jive with your lifestyle?

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