Learning From 30 Days of Creative Genius


Creatives, need a genius to help you ignite your passions? You better sign up for the FREE video series 30 Days of Genius at CreativeLive! * Please note the links to CreativeLive are affiliate links. That means if you purchase after clicking through, I might receive a small commission (at no cost to you). It's always free to watch on CreativeLive, ...

Interview up on TaraSwiger.com


I'm totally honored to be interviewed by Tara Swiger as a member of her starship. Hop on over the post to read a bit more about me and my business!

Are you a copycat artist?


I've blogged about the topic of copycats in the past and I wanted to bring it up again after seeing this post on instagram by Elizabeth Olwen. It's always been a huge topic for creatives and you can't help but be faced by the issue in your creative life, whether you have been ripped off or ...

Marketing That Makes Sense

LTieu girl3

I must admit that I have never really understood marketing. Because I didn't know how to approach it, I simply avoided it altogether. I often fell into the trap of thinking, hey, if I create great stuff, people will just find me naturally, right? I never want to be a pushy sleezy salesman and marketing seemed to just ...

Experimenting on Periscope

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Working from home means I often feel disconnected from the rest of the world... the real world. So of course I think it's amazing to be able to connect with others in real-time as if I was a social butterfly, chatting it up in a cool coffee shop. Enter Periscope! It's the latest social media platform ...

How To Get Back On Track When You Are Losing Steam


Losing Steam Some days you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and feel like blah. Perhaps you are physically tired, anxious, uncertain, generally out of sorts... all of the above? It can be a struggle to get out of bed and start your day. You feel like you have so much to do, but ...

Creative Success In Just 10 Minutes A Day


In talking to many creatives online, I've realized that so many of us are blocked and stuck in paralysis. We have dreams and goals, but feel that it's too far fetched, too difficult or too late to start working towards them. I want to help us break through the false impression that success only happens with ...

How to Move Past a Disappointing Business Situation


I believe that we all have great ideas and it's exciting when passion for the idea drives us to take action and put ourselves out there. We all know it's scary, but creatives do this kind of thing every single day. Unfortunately, not every launch or effort is accepted with open arms. Especially in the beginning of ...