Journaling is free therapy. Make use of it… often.

I know that we often see amazing journals spreads splattered across social media and it can seem very intimidating.

But journaling can be widely described as expressing yourself in book form. Putting something in those pages to get it out of your head and onto paper.

You might be a stream of consciousness writer, classic with black ink on lined white paper.

Or you might be an illustrator, drawing our your feelings with lines and shapes.

Or maybe you collage and put bits and bobs together, because that’s how the creative mojo flows out of you.

Whatever your medium… it doesn’t matter at all what the final result turns out to be. You do not even need to keep your journals or preserve them if you don’t want to.

It’s about getting it all out.

I think everyone should be journaling in some form or another, because it’s good for your health – physical, mental, spiritual.

The positive effects are re-iterated in scientific journals as well as popular publications… there’s no doubt that it’s a good thing.

So that’s why I love journaling, practice journaling myself and want to help others like you, start and keep journaling.

Live creative. Live better.

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