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This website is my personal creative blog – a digital journal of my adventures and projects. I write about my creative work, personal development topics and share printables and information. I promote my own work as well as those that are of interest to me genuinely.

The information on this website is for informational and educational purposes only. I am not a healthcare professional and I am not attempting to diagnose or prescribe professional advice to others. I encourage you to educate yourself and consult your medical practitioner so you can make your own decisions when it comes to your own health and wellness.

I hope that by sharing my journey in creativity and health and wellness, can help to your motivate and inspire you on your journey. All writing and content is my own opinion, unless otherwise noted or captioned.


I participate in several affiliate programs.

That means that when I use the affiliate link to a product, if you click through and purchase – I will receive a commission at no additional cost to you at all. That bit of tipping allows me to keep sharing free content as it helps to pay for a part of the hosting and other technical overhead costs of running a website.

I only include an affiliate link when I naturally mention the product or service in my blogging, but I buy my own supplies and services and will only recommend things that I personally use and love.

I always give my honest feedback and opinion – no exceptions.


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