Printables are digital files that you can download and print at home, simple as that! I love them because they are so easy to share across the globe, don’t take up physical space and can be printed and used repeatedly.

What’s not to love about printables, right?

After moving from the United States to Italy, shipping costs and delays really pushed me into using and creating my own digital printables. It was just a lot more convenient, living in a tiny rural Italian town. With a regular home printer and digital files, I had all the supplies I ever wanted – from pretty greeting cards to a mix of artwork for journaling and crafting.

Ultimately, it’s a money saver, because you print only what you want to use, rather than collecting a entire craft room of supplies that you hoard for years. We all have spent a lot on supplies that often get unused and they take up your storage space.

Think about how much you are helping the environment by reducing the need for product packaging, delivery costs, pollution and all kinds of bad for the environment things. Just saying!

So that’s why I think printables are awesome and fell into the world of designing them and sharing them with paper lovers like YOU on

I also post a lot of FREE printables here on my blog to spread some digital joy and inspire you to create with them and better your life!

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