Printable Soft Floral Many Thanks Card

A while back I designed this soft floral thank you card for my email newsletter subscribers, but totally forgot to post it here on the blog. Came across it while brushing up my digital files and wanted to share this lovely printable download with all of you.

LTieu-printable-manythanksDownload Printable many thanks card PDF


I’m a huge fan of printable stationery and busily working away at my secret project that is very related *hint*hint* – so it’s all very timely. The amazing thing about digital downloads is the instant gratification and the fact that you can print as many copies as you need. Think of someone you should send a note of thanks to and give them some happy snail mail. Enjoy!

Last Minute Valentine Printables

I thought it would be nice to round-up some of the freebies I have posted in the past that can be used for valentines. If you are running late and need to whip up a card for a loved up, check out my printables below. Would love to see what you create! Enjoy!


We Are All Ready Enough

Happy 2015!

I had the unfortunate experience of coming down with a high fever on New Years Eve… shucks! All my celebratory plans were ruined, although I did hear the happy hubbub while resting in bed. Despite the rough start, I’m determined to make 2015 an amazing year. I’ll have it no other way. Demanding, huh?


Often I like to have a mantra of sorts for the year… something like a cover page for my planner or a poster tacked up on the wall to cheer me onward. In reflecting on my past experiences, I realized that I often stall on many ideas thinking I’m not ready. It’s not the right time or I still need this or that – excuses… excuses… excuses…

Well, enough is enough. Phooey to all that. I came across this quote and decided to make it the cover page for my planner.

“If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.” -Lemony Snicket

Such wisdom in a little sentence and oh so true for so many of us, I think. We hesitate and wait around, stopping ourselves from greatness. I don’t think we have ever feel fully ready for anything. It’s just not the way life goes. That scary, butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling shouldn’t stop you from chasing your dreams, right?

That’s what I think and I’m using the quote to help me forge onward. If you would like to print out the quote for yourself, feel free to do so by downloading the PDF here. Hope it helps you out this year!

DIY Father’s Day Gift of Love of Time

When it comes to gift giving, I always struggle with finding the right item. Especially on a holiday like Father’s Day, it’s ever-so-more difficult to find a thing that is supposed to express the enormity of your love and appreciation. It’s really not possible, is it?


Over the years, I’ve realized that it’s the experiences that really matter the most, mean the most and are the most memorable for everyone. So this Father’s Day why not try gifting your love with a sentiment and your time by planning an activity that can be enjoyed together?

I think it’s the ultimate DIY!

Haha, but of course I had to design a card with a sentiment to go along with my idea. Nothing like a card to express your most heartfelt sentiments! I opted for a really minimal design this time around, would be so cool letterpress I think! Feel free to download, share and gift the printable love you card shown below. Enjoy!


Cool Printables and Downloads Round-Up


Since combining my various crafty art blogs, I realize that many links have been broken and super old posts need to be updated and cleaned up. After so many years of blogging, the posts really add up and it’s no easy task to sift through thousands of posts!

I know from my analytics that you folks are coming for many of the printables I have offered, so I made it a point to clean things up asap. Here’s a printable round-up of my favorite offerings, even the oldies are goodies! Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Live Authentic | Live Proud | Blog On


My first venture into the online digital world was when I was only 14 years old. I think it was a local library class that taught HTML, so I created my very first web page and declared my existence online. Do you remember those flashing marquees and gaudy web colors?

The online world has definitely changed since then. Don’t you think we are all so darn sophisticated these days? With just a few clicks, you can make yourself a beautiful blog. Although I know, ultimately it’s always easier said than done.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog and how to move forward. I know that we all curate what we post, more or less. But the more I planned, the more I felt it was too mapped out. There are a lot of tips and tricks out there about blogging successfully, but the heart of the matter is figuring out what blogging means to you personally.

I’ve been blogging since my teenagers years, on and off, from platform to platform and I must admit that ultimately, I write because I need to express my thoughts. Something about getting them out and published, as if I was chatting to a friend about my life. Now that I live abroad, more than ever I feel so detached at times and often miss the company of just hangin’ with my girls, you know?

I also like to create and experiment with DIY crafts and my design and illustration. And I’m not ashamed to admit that having an audience gives me motivation. Perhaps it’s simply the act of documentation that really does it, no matter how many or few people read this blog.

Finally, there’s this thing with community and being a part of a larger whole. I’ve always loved being online and involved in the digital sphere of life. Although commenting was much more common in the beginning days of blogging, now the conversation has simply moved to the various social media outlets. But I think it still all starts with the content on a blog.

So, I will continue to blog. I’m just readjusting my focus and ultimately going to get a bit more selfish about this space. I’m not a professionally blogger, so there’s no need to follow editorial rules or business tricks. That’s not what this space is for.

It’s definitely nice to have some clarity, even if there are still a lot of questions and fuzziness all around. A single point of clarity is something I can hold onto. In trying to unknot all the issues in my head regarding this blog, first I had to identify the issues. I’ve run into problems of trying to create content just for the sake of blogging, thus losing my passion. I’ve also run into censorship issues, wondering if I should share this or not that… whether it “fits” the focus of the blog or not. I’ve always had trouble keeping up with posts as well and being a new mom, time will only become more and more scarce.

My blog problems aren’t really that dramatic – many of us run into these issues every so often. I’m shifting my perspective and realizing they can be easily resolved. First, I must have my heart into this space, so I will blog only what I want to. There’s no need to fit into any kind of box… this is MY blog after all. Everything fits in the category of me (duh!). And the easiest way to keep up is to lower expectations and commit to a realistic schedule.

Sounds pretty straightforward and non-dramatic, huh? Should have realized all this sooner, I know.

All those words above lead me to my real point (see how I like to write?) – that I should be living more authentically and proudly. Enough of feeling inadequate or not up to par or outside the popular crowd. Who cares! There’s no need to make pretense and seem a certain way just for the blog. Living abroad in Italy is exciting and amazing, so I need to embrace it.  And we can never do it all, but we can do a whole lot with the time we are given nevertheless.

So this blog is about documenting my sort of normal, yet not so normal wondrous life. From living as an expat in the beautiful Tuscan hills to designing and illustrating the cuteness that I adore to motherhood to DIY crafty goodness that just makes me happy!

Now, I feel so much better about moving forward and doing what’s real and true to my heart. Yay! The guiding principle is to  remember that it’s about living my authentic life and making sure it’s something I can be proud of.

I’ve created a printable of inspirational hearts (since it’s Valentine week as well) to remind myself of these principles.

LTieu-live-printableFeel free to download the PDF for your personal use.

I hope you are inspired to just be yourself and do what is best for you. Thanks for reading and sharing in my story. I really do appreciate you bloggie friends out there – much love to you. If you have any thoughts, suggestions or words of wisdom, I very much welcome them. Although I’ll be doing my own thing, I still would love to hear what you are looking for in this blog – it might strike my fancy afterall. Ciao ciao!

Summertime Digital Printables

Yup, it’s been a while! I’m back with a page completed for my scrapbook… snapshots of my little boy sporting his cap on a hot summer day. I’m sure we all drool and admire our kids to the extreme… I can’t stop looking at pictures of my little one. Can’t believe more than 5 months have already passed since he came into our world!


Even though I might have glued things a bit crooked and took an eternity to get this simple layout done… I’m happy to be at this point right now. Lots of scrap-life crisis thoughts in my head… that I will have to blog about later!


For this layout, I printed out my own designs, a bunch of summertime printables to embellishment up my page. It’s a very clean and simple page. I suppose my style is  clean and graphic designy – can’t help it!


Finally, the last thing I added were the little star confetti pieces, sprinkled here and there. You can sort of see the glossy accents I used to stick them to the page, but from afar I think the effect is still cool. I think those stars are supposed to be for nail art design, but I use whatever is at hand! It adds a nice touch to the page, to have little bits here and there.

Overall, I’m happy to have created a layout after such a long time. It seems like the idea had been in my head for a long time, but still took a while to get to this and to get it done!

BTP_Summertime_previewYou can find the summertime digital printables in the shop for immediate download – enjoy and let me know what you think of these printable embellishment sets!

Printable Embellishments For Hybrid Scrapbooking

When 2ps opened their new digital store, I fell in love with their little sets of printable graphics. They are perfect mini sets with a variety of little bits of pieces to use on a page. I found the process easy and fun… not to mention you can always print multiple copies and alter things a bit either digitally or by hand for your needs.


I immediately created a page with the first digital set I bought, super fun! I was so inspired, I decided to design my own version over the 4th of July holiday – Let Freedom Ring. How do you like it? Would love to know what you think about the type of embellishments included, sizes, file types, etc – anything to help me make it a better product for all of us. I’m excited – are you?