Gentlemen Mustaches

Inspired by the latest Illustration Friday topic – moustache – I found some time in the wee hours of the morning to rework my gentlemen mustaches designs. I know that it’s a trend that’s been here for a while, but here’s my interpretation with silly little characters.


Peek Into My Sketchbook

Random musings in my sketchbook these days. I haven’t been able to spend much time playing around with all my baby duties in full swing. Just a few minutes – literally  – here and there. Lots of collaging and collecting of bits and pieces.


Sometimes it’s a creatively frustrating experience to not have the time. But when there is a quiet lull in the day, I’m just too tired physically and want to nap! I suppose this is how it is in the beginning months.



I’m still happy to be able to accomplish some little tasks. In terms of time management, having tiny blocks of time is like a natural pomodoro technique! Seems that I might even be more efficient because I know my time is limited.


I enrolled for a mini digital illustration class on Skillshare and was able to turn a sketch into a digital piece.


You can see my project progress here if you are interested. Would definitely appreciate your feedback. Since my studio/baby room is in such an upheaval/mess, I am really appreciating the cleanliness of purely digital work. But I like paint as well…

I have lots of good intentions in progress… hopefully I can work on cleaning up a bit this week!

Peek Into My Sketchbook

Lots of random drawings in my sketchbook these days. Although I’ve been feeling a bit in limbo and creatively stuck when it comes to actually finishing any project, I’m realizing it’s okay to just chill at times. No concrete”to-do” to accomplish at this point… just waiting around for baby to arrive :P







Peek Into My Sketchbook

This week has been really random… from simple drawings to exploration of forms within scribbles to attempts in color. My mind is definitely wandering.





Still sketching a lot of birdies as well, but not sure how to continue onward to make them finished original pieces.

LTieu_sketchbook5It’s definitely one of those psychological blocks, as I’m preventing myself from moving forward for fear that they won’t turn out very good. As I organize my digital files, I see that I have a bunch of sketches lying around… but ultimately nothing finished.


Need to overcome this hurdle. It doesn’t matter what medium I choose, right?


Peek Into My Sketchbook

My default medium is to simply draw. No fuss, no muss, no color. It’s something I’m comfortable with, my default girls and whimsical doodles.



I did some Illustration Friday practice for the theme of wheel… and that’s pretty representative of what usually shows up in my sketchbooks.

However, I’ve always loved loose, colorful, messy painting styles. It’s so very attractive to me, but I find it amazingly difficult to create in that style myself. I’m so much more controlled and tense.

I suppose, it’s the precision of how I usually create digital artwork that trips me up. I’ve decided to try, try, again… practicing in my sketchbooks to see if I can slowly, but surely loosen up with paint.

I was first inspired to smush paint through some heart cutouts. Completely random, but just made me happy.


It was actually a bit of trial error to get the right consistency of paint to make it work. Heavy body and pasty obviously works better.


The brown color made me think of choco m&m’s … mmm… miss those.


Of course, the experiment dried a bit differently as well, so more testing will be required to achieve the impasto-esque effect. Afterwards, I tried to paint an illustration I was working on… a little foxy fox…


The whole time I was trying to make it more exact. Hmm. Need to work on loosening for sure. I’m reading through Flora Bowley’s book, Brave Intuitive Painting, so hopefully it will help me on my adventures.

How do you get yourself to loosen up when learning a new medium?

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