My Top Video Inspiration Round-Up

Want a blast of creative inspiration and motivation? When I need a kick in the butt, I turn to my top video playlist to jolt myself back into action. These are must-see videos for all creatives!

An Inspiration Round-Up


Are you feeling a bit creatively drained or empty?

Remember that we all need to fill the well with inspiration. Input can help spark up the fire inside of you, so here’s a round-up of my favorite inspiration posts on the blog.

I hope they motivate you to create, create, create!

Pockets of Happiness

I’ve seen little pockets of confetti, glitter and bits of embellishments used on scrapbooking pages and totally love the look. I had to try it for myself when the opportunity came along. A friend of mine sent me some polymer clay logs that you are supposed to slice and use on your nails. They come in lots of different designs, super tiny cute bits. I decided to use them as scrapbooking embellishments along with some other bits of glittery goodness I had lying around.


In project life style, I put all the little bits into a pocket and sewed it up. How cute is that? It just  made me think of a pocket of happiness! I suppose I’m easily pleased these days… it really does just make me smile.


I journaled a bit about the little bits and love having this see-thru pocket in my scrapbook album. Have you tried this little trend of embellishments either in vellum or clear plastic pockets? Just so cute!

Work-Life Integration

The talk of work-like balance comes up a lot in the corporate world and I was constantly trying to figure out what exactly that meant when I was working for the Mouse in cubicle land. When does work trump life or life trump work? Maybe I had to tally up the tradeoffs and make sure there was some kind of even playing field between these two arch enemies, work and life. But why does it have to be a battle?


After striking out as a creative entrepreneur, I realized that work-life balance is total bull. Yeah, you heard me. I really think it’s just the wrong way to approach the whole issue. Work and life are invariably intertwined – I mean, there is only one you. I think when you work for your yourself, you truly realize that. You can’t let yourself down on either side because you are the ultimate boss in work and life.

That’s why I believe in work-life integration, an idea I picked up from Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh. It’s not about one winning over the other. It’s about integrating work and life so they dance beautifully! We must be working towards our life goals as we do our work and finding overall satisfaction depends on work and life fitting snugly together.

You must change the way you think… it’s work and life… not work or life. Dedicate some time in thinking about your life preferences and how they shape your work decisions. There is no “right” way of working and living only your way, because we are all unique. Ready to end the battle between work and life and integrate instead?


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Inspiration From Flickr

A quick search on will give you loads of inspiration on cardmaking, stationery and various greeting ideas.  The wonderful aspect is that everything is from real people out there, just sharing to the public and it is always going to be updated with new ideas as Flickr is added to 24/7 by users.  I always like to see what others are doing to send their sentiments to friends and family.  I also like to check out vintage greeting cards that many have archived in their flickr accounts for illustration ideas in my own work!

Flickr is actually a photo sharing site that has a free and pro account.  Either option lets you share all your photos with friends and family, public or private.  There are groups to learn more about photography or specific subjects and many ways to incorporate your photos in your webpage as well.  You should definitely check it out if you are interested in sharing photos or photography in general.