This year, I’m not sure if I’m going to participate in Ali Edwards Week in the Life per-say. It’s because I feel that I document daily life already, so it wouldn’t be a different or separate project. I’ve learned that I like to have my scrapbooking all together in an album so, I’ve been scrapbooking regularly, documenting my daily outfits, and committing to 12 photos on the 12 of every  month with the Ella Publishing challenge. It’s a pretty nice way to capture a whole lot, in addition to those special events and memories throughout the year.

For the month of April, I didn’t exactly remember to take a whole lot of photos throughout the entire day. But I think what I captured, reveals so much about my daily life on a normal day nevertheless. I’m often looking inward, creating art. Then I also spend time outside with my dog, Vash. They seem like such opposite activities – yet, that’s my life right now. Full of dualities.

I have a feeling that a lot of folks who do Project Life or similar scrapbooking, would find Week in the Life, just another week of documentation. But I do like the idea of perhaps, focusing on something in particular or putting a twist to it. I suppose, it’s best to simply let time take it’s course and see what happens naturally in my scrapbooking.

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