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Cow Angel Stationery Paper - Free Printable

Cow Angel Stationery screenshotToday I started up with the challenge.  The basic idea is that in the month of February (this is a yearly effort), you are challenged to create something new every day and post about it.  There certainly aren’t any punishments if you don’t do it or miss a day, but it’s more of a collective effort to be creative in general and you have to manage yourself.  It sounded like a great challenge to get creative and focused for a month, so I signed up.

For my first post, I put my efforts into this illustration and created a cow angel in Adobe Illustrator. I’m still a beginner at this!

My little cow angel illustration turned into a printable stationery page to write correspondence to friends and family. Cute, yes? I have made it a PDF so you can also download this template and print it for personal use. Let me know what you think!

Download the Cow Angel Illustration Stationery Page PDF (931 kb)

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