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iheartyoucardThe latest Caardvarks challenge is all about hearts and although I love all the girly lovey dovey red and pink hearts designs during the Valentine season, I decided to do something  a bit unconventional for my handmade card today.

As you can see, I used Milton Glaser’s classic “I *heart* NY” design and created a card for Valentine’s stating “I *heart* You” – of course, it is literally a heart…my blood pumps for you, I suppose!  (Now I am thinking Twilight and vampires…) Anyhow, I thought it was a cute idea while I was sketching out plans for cards, so decided to actually make it by hand.  I tried to cut out an anatomically correct heart, but fudged it up a bit as I wanted more cut out spots and then just kept going at it.  For the text I just used a black marker and did it freehand, so it’s all about handmade love!

iheartyoustationeryAfter completing the handmade card I really like the design enough to go ahead and create it in Adobe Illustrator as well.  I created a similiar version that can be printed out as stationery – download the I *Heart* You Stationery PDF (65 kb)

I hope you enjoy the designs and can use it to inspire yourself to get a bit creative. If you like printables, be sure to sign up for my weekly newsletter for new designs, links to freebies and the latest from yours truly.

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