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free printable pretty digital papers

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Wow – I am really loving this digital stamping idea more and more.  Although I am a complete newbie and still need have much to learn.  I recently read that heat embossing is possible – not sure if it works with my printer type, but good to know there’s room to play around and it’s not just printing out a picture to color in…

Getting into the frenzy this morning, I decided to create my own designs to print out.  Primarily I’ve been concentrating on creating more base materials and decorated papers as supplies.  I went into Illustrator and just popped up a bunch of designs to go with a few projects I have in mind.  It’s super exciting to create so much from scratch and really loving the results.  I have also been experimenting with printing on different colored papers which takes a lot of testing, but the results always seem usable in one project or another.

After my little frenzy of designing, I took a look at everything created and decided to share the pages on this blog.

Download the various designs below, by right-clicking on each image and saving the PDF to your computer.

The first one with the various sizes of flowers is a giant file, so I had to make it a zip file (still 16mb).   Haven’t figured out the logistics yet – also the larger flowers are meant to be cut out and the smaller ones as decorated paper.  The rest are pretty light PDFs to download…

mayflowersdesign pinkshabbychicflowers anchors


learnlovelivelife gingham purplepolkadesign


I hope they can be useful to those of us who lack some crafting inventory or for those who just want some cute designs!  Please let me know what you think and also what can be improved.  I am so excited because I’m still just scratching the surface.  As I dream about the future and possibilities it just makes me giddy!  Okay, need to calm myself down…  😛

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