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Free printable // Hearts on the Brain // Digital Stamps

Today I have been doodling a lot with the shape of the heart and came up with a few digital stamps to share with everyone.  This is a free printable download, so you can craft away!

I printed my designs out on white paper to color them in, but I realized it would be interesting to print on pink paper or something textured for a different effect.

Right click on the thumbnail below to download the PDF file for your personal use!


There’s still so much to explore with digital stamping, but I have to say I love creating them…just drawing here and there – and of course seeing all the wonderful creations that come of it in the end is so satisfying and fun.  Let me know if you have comments on sizing and structure.  I am thinking there must be some set sizes when it comes to stamping, so perhaps I should be working with certain size templates in mind?

Also, the digital stamps I have seen are large images, so I assume folks resize them before printing at home.  Is that the standard for digital stamps?  I suppose PDFs are only for specific page layouts – and of course I am using A4 size here in Italy as opposed to letter-size in the USA.  Would be great to hear from you and get your thoughts on the subject.  Thanks in advance!

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