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free printable owl calendar

Finally, a fresh start for all my ideas – ready to burst forth in a flurry of creative turbulence – in a good way!  Today is my happy blog day for getting this site up and running.  I am excited to start posting my works in progress and share ideas to inspire or at least make you crack a smile.  Or maybe you just want to live vicariously through me on this wondrous journey? Either way, I very much appreciate you visiting and don’t hesitate to subscribe to this blog with the link on the left-hand side.

20090720owlcalendarDownload Owl Calendar PDF (216 kb)

As a big thank you to everyone, I would like to start off by sharing an owl calendar I whipped up to get myself organized.  I love printables because you can always make copies if you mess up and it’s such an easy way to get nice stationery to write on.  Woohoo!  My little owl friend is featured in the lower left-hand corner of the calendar to urge you on because you can do it!  He’s also the little muse for this blog, see him perched up in the top header?  Enjoy and stay tuned for more loveliness…

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