Hello to you this lovely Wednesday!  With the new year just around the corner, no doubt we’ve all seen an amazing release of calendar designs and roundups on many design sites.  I’ve seen so many great designs and usually end up with way too many calendars than actually needed.  But I figure that having one in each room can’t be bad, since it’s entirely functional as well as pretty to look at!  I was a bit late in starting this year to add any calendar designs to my Etsy shop, so I decided to create a last minute printable coloring calendar for kids and grown-ups alike.  It’s a compilation of designs I created this past year, plus a few new quick sketches.  I think it’s perfect for a little downtime because coloring is a great way to relax – regression baby!


I created a high-quality and high-resolution PDF file to be printed full-page, but you can also use Adobe Reader with the multiple page printer setting for a smaller sized calendar, as I did shown above.  I wanted to attach it onto my clip flower and remind myself to do some coloring at least once a month in 2010.  I hope you like this little freebie I created…please pass along to anyone who might still need a calendar or perhaps just someone who needs some coloring relaxation 😛 The preview of the pages are below – Enjoy!

Download the 2010 Printable Color Calendar PDF (21.1MB)


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