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Hello lovely blog readers! Can you believe it is August already? So here in Italy we have a tradition of taking August off. Literally the shops close for vacation and you’ll see signs being put up all around town. People travel abroad and enjoy this end of Summer month, before Fall rolls around and business is back to usual. You can read a bit about vacations¬†on the Becoming Italian blog. I think the tradition dates back to the harvest period and probably also because it’s just so darn hot to do anything!

Although in some industries this cultural phenomenon is losing it’s staying power – Italy getting more modern and western, especially in the big cities – it’s still a common vacation period and many folks in the production industry don’t have a choice as companies close down for maintenance. Our family will be taking 3 weeks off this August and I’m going to follow this Italian tradition with blogging as well. I decided to make it a month of celebrating bookbinding here on instead of complete silence though. I’ll be posting a book tutorial the beginning of each week, giving everyone time to check it out and ask any questions. Probably nothing revolutionary when it comes to technique, but really just to share the many things I’ve learned in bookbinding thus far. It’s super fun and really easy to make memory books, journals and just artistic pieces to enjoy. Until then…

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