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Free Printable Cupcake & Strawberries Patterned Paper

Nothing like cupcakes and strawberries for a totally feminine, girly design, right? I have so many digital sketches, I thought it would be fun to post them here on the blog for everyone to use. What will you do with this free printable cupcakes and strawberries patterned paper design?

The thing I love about offering printable papers is that they give you the most flexibility to create whatever you would like. As 12×12 high-quality designs, you can print large format if you have the ability, or just fill up whatever page size you use normally. Or you can shrink it down by percentage and print small scale.

The beauty of printables is always in convenience and flexibility. Print however many copies you need for your project and decorate away! Make home decor, use as wrapping paper, make mini journals, decorate your planners, make stickers – it’s really up to your creative mojo!

Download cupcakes-and-strawberries patterned paper PDF

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