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free printable egg pattern paper

Looking for a fun creative project? Use these free printable egg pattern paper designs to make a travelers notebook, decorate your plan and papercraft to your hearts content!

I’ve always been a fan of eating eggs (in all ways), but really love the motif itself because somehow, it lends itself to being happy! How can you not smile with a big ‘ole yellow face looking back up at you? At least if you imagine the world as always kawaii 🙂

I was browsing a sunny side up pinterest board and created these printables for a guest post years back. But these kawaii sunny side up egg motifs are still super cute today.  I created a simple pattern in multiple colors to use as a crafty printable, see how the little eggies have a tiny happy face popping up here and there – cuteness, eh?

I used these egg pattern paper to make cute little paper notebooks, super happy inducing, right?

egg pattern notebooks

It’s an easy DIY, just print the patterns on cardstock for a heavier cover and cute them to your preferred size to create a little notebook. I punched holes and sewed everything together, but you can also use staples.

These little notebooks make great gifts, but I actually carry them in my purse for notes and for my kids to draw in when we are out and about. You can visit my longstitch bookbinding tutorial if you want to know the details of sewing the book together.

A few quick bookbinding tips:

– Prefold each piece of paper to make them nicely creased and fitted together
– The thicker the paper you use, the less pieces you should use together before it gets too bulky
– Prepunch holes if you are handsewing to make the process go smoothly
– Use binder clips to hold it all together when you are punching holes and sewing
– Trim your booklet after you are finished binding to get a finished clean edge

Because the egg design was so cute, I also created a art printable with the kawaii egg face saying “life is meant to be lived sunny side up” – because I was in such a good mood working on this project! Download all the printables below for your personal use – I hope you craft away!
life is meant to be lived sunny side up

I hope you enjoy these free printable egg pattern paper printables and sunny side up extra, feel free to share a link to this post with your crafty DIY friends and wishing you a lovely sunny day!

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