free printable perpetual calendar planner pages

Need some free planner bullet journal printables?

It’s not too early to start planning for the upcoming new year and those who bullet journal are probably well ahead of me already!

I’ve been an off-on bullet journaler and often overwhelmed with having to create the layouts each month, week and day. After a while, it did feel like a waste of time.

That’s when printables came into the picture.

Why not create the layouts and just paste them in my bullet journal, so it’s all together in a book? It’s still customizable, but just a tad easier than drawing everything out.

If you want to use my perpetual planner pages, you get a whole set of blank freebies that you can use all year long.

Whether you paste it in your bullet journal or just use them as loose pages on a clipboard, I’m sure you’ll find yourself planning with ease and style!

FREE Printable pages include:

  • Yearly overview
  • Monthly calendar
  • Weekly layout
  • lined note page
  • blank note page
  • full blank page

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