It’s a new year and I’ve been really loving the idea of junk journals as opposed to crisp white pages of other journals. So I created this vintage paper printable design, for those of us who might not have access to vintage ephemera and old papers. With a free printable, you can print it yourself!

Free Printable Vintage Paper //

I’ve been rethinking my journaling process lately and really loving the idea of junk journals. I’m still working on it and decided to make myself this vintage paper printable to use in my junk journaling exploration. Many of us don’t have access to old vintage papers and often they aren’t strong enough papers for the purposes of art journaling.

With a printable vintage paper, you can print your own and as many copies as you need for a whole journal. This free vintage paper can be printed on both sides to make your own double-sided patterned paper.

The design is inspired by vintage looking, shabby-chic ledger paper. It’s great to use as a neutral background, but the lines make it easy for journaling on top of as well. I hope you enjoy it and find it useful in your art journaling.

Download Vintage-Paper-Printable PDF

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