Owlie Digital Stamps Published On Simply Cards & Papercraft Magazine

Happy Friday! Just wanted to share some super happy and exciting news with you… I’ve been published in Simply Cards & Papercraft Magazine – yippee!


You can see that my owl digi stamps are featured and the designer did a great job using them in her card designs. I’m so honored!


Although it’s just a tiny step, it’s amazing to get this feature and bit of publicity. Thank you to the magazine for the opportunity! We all want to share our work to a bigger audience after all. I hope the readers will try out digital stamping and have lots of fun! Enjoy!


Miss Tilly Whimsical Hand-drawn Digital Stamp

The holiday season is definitely gobbling up a lot of my time as I craft away for another handmade gifts holiday. I’m planning to make or buy handmade…so there’s definitely a big list of to dos! I thought it was about time to share another hand-drawn digital stamp though…I have a huge sketchbook full of them and slowing digitizing to share. I hope you like Miss Tilly here…

Download Miss Tilly Digital Stamp Image ZIP (307 kb)

Enjoy for your personal paper crafting projects! I think this would be great for a handmade card, but even used as an embroidery pattern or coloring page for kids!

Free Handdrawn Digital Stamp Designs – Miss Mary and Mr Jason

Hi folks! I’m exploring a handdrawn digital stamp style and have you seen  all the girls from a previous post? Although I’m not a big fan of scanning and cleaning designs, I’m certainly in more control when sketching and drawing by hand.

I still have not gotten the hang of using the Wacom tablet so I can draw directly into Photoshop or Illustator. Still lots to learn…but I wanted to share two of my handdrawn characters with you and let you try them out and see what you think!

Introducing…Miss Mary and Mr Jason! Please let me know what you think and what you look for in designs and drawings. I would appreciate your input and will continue to sketch and create new characters as you read this. I still haven’t worked out the best process yet, but it’s sure fun to create characters and see them come alive, with their own personalities. They are my little ones!

Download ZIP of Miss Mary and Mr Jason jpgs

Thanks a bunch for stopping by and please pass on the link to this post to your crafty friends! Enjoy! Also, I would love to see how you use these digital stamps, how you end up coloring them and how you incorporate them into your works of art. Please feel free to comment below with links as well. Can’t wait to see – ciao ciao!