Family Printable Art Wall Decor

Here’s a clean and simple, free family printable decor piece to brighten up your living space and make it even more cozy and full of love.

Family Wall Decor Free Printable in a frame on rustic rock wall, on top of a wooden table. For free download on

Nothing like holidays and family get togethers to make you realize just how important it is to have your loved ones around you.

Not only that, despite tantrums and attitudes, we have to remember to practice gratitude for all the things we have.

So today I wanted to share this free family printable with you. Beautiful lettering of the word family, makes a lovely modern wall art printable to add to your home.

It’s clean and direct, matches all decor styles and gives you that in-your-face reminder that family is priority, family is beautiful, family is love.

Free printable family wall decor, mockup in frame on wall. Download on

This design is in a 4×5 ratio, but large at 300dpi to print up to 1 meter in height. Yup, I like to go BIG! Download for your personal use below and I hope this free printable helps to make your home a bit more cozy and beautiful.

One gallery wall idea is to match this printable with a whole bunch of family photos around it. Imagine how amazing it would be to capture all those beautiful memories onto a wall in your house.

It will forever be a reminder of all the love there is in your family and there’s nothing like a wonderful wall of love to brighten up your home.

Enjoy this free printable! You can find me on Instagram as @tortagialla  and my Facebook art page is here.

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Here's a clean and simple, free printable family wall decor piece to brighten up your living space and make it even more cozy and full of love.

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Let Us Be Happy Printable Art Poster


Sometimes good things happen – yay! But inevitably, bad things happen as well. Whatever the facts may be, I’ve realized that how we feel about a situation is ultimately a choice. We must mourn and do what we have to do, but we always have the power to be happy in the end.

We always have the choice to find the good, turn towards the light and make our own happiness.

Especially during this time when there is even more terror in the world, I immediately thought of creating a “Let Us Be Happy” art printable. Super simple and direct… because that’s how it can be. It’s not complicated to understand.

Let it remind you of small, simple moments and the power you have to choose how you want to feel. I often think of my children in these times of fear and remember that I don’t want to raise them in fear. I want them to know love, possibility and the happiness we can create for ourselves.


Download Let Us Be Happy Art Printable LETTER

Download Let Us Be Happy Art Printable A4

I know there’s also more that we can do, to take action and make change in this world, but I also believe it all starts with having love in your heart and soul… so that you can be happy yourself… in order to spread it. I hope this printable will remind you of that. First, let us be happy!

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Creative Business 101 – Pricing For Printable Art

I must admit that a calendar alert popped up a few minutes ago reminding me to blog. Last week I had made that big declaration and subsequently sort-of, kind-of, forgot about it. Granted I did write up a bit of a plan for my various efforts and updated my calendar as well. That’s why the reminder popped up…

However, some freelance work came up and I didn’t have time to follow-thru said plan. I actually spent most of my non-working time, scrapbooking. I do feel a bit lame and you’ve probably never witnessed such immediate failure, after a semi-dramatic declaration… but instead of beating myself down, I took advice from karenika’s blog post about slipping. I am hereby admitting my failure and probably, lack of willpower, if anything else. It’s okay though, not the end of the world.

I can start heading down the right path now. I don’t need to wait until next week for a fresh start. We often do this with diets… “I’ll start on Monday. Seriously.” In fact, I actually did schedule my newsletter and it prompted someone to ask me about printable art. So I’ve got somewhere to start now, something to work on that people are actually interested in buying. One important creative business – or general business tip – is to work on those important items that actually lead to sales – closure – cash! I know it sounds all salesman-ish, but it’s simply true. If you have a hard time prioritizing, go with your survival instincts. That’s exactly why my freelance work takes precedent, because I get paid for those hours of work. Must eat. I really do like food.

So back to my issue of pricing for printable art. Previously, I had not considered offering my artwork as a downloadable PDF. Countless hours were spent researching about printers and paper – how to make beautiful art prints at home. Then more countless hours were spent researching companies and wondering if the commission was fair and if it would be profitable in the end. Most all my current customers are not from Italy, so offering downloads eliminates the cost of shipping as well. This option can prove to be a really smart path to take.

Of course, I still wonder if people would buy printable art. Would the value of it be dampened because it’s digital and printable and easily transferable? How much would people pay for such a thing and what kind of watermarks or signature would I include? Lots of questions in my mind. This is the problem I must tackle and to hold myself accountable, I need to figure this out by next week. I don’t want to add it to the list of things that never gets done. Why do I hesitate to give this option a try?

I worry that my art will be easily pirated? But do the people who buy my art… do that kind of thing? I might be worrying about things that I don’t need to worry about. What do you think about pricing for printable art and the whole deal? I know that the latest technology is actually in 3D printing… so perhaps it’s inevitable and actually cutting edge to offer digital products of this sort?

Please me out here. Please let me know what you think in the comments below – whatever your thoughts are, I would really love to hear them.