Love You Printable Cards

Looking for love you printable cards? This free printable is easy to print at home for Valentines and any other love related occasion.

Love You Printable Cards - free download on

Nothing like some chic, modern and pretty designs for your loved one. These freebie printable cards are great for Valentine’s and all your lovey dovey occasions!

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I’m a big fan of using all the beautiful graphics and illustrations that are offered out there on the web. There are plenty of reputable companies that give you free and paid graphics to use, so definitely take advantage of it!

There are these beautiful modern looking black and white papers in the freebies section of They make a perfect background for printable cards, so I used a few of the backgrounds to create a variety of typography style printable cards.

free download love you printable card design

free download love you printable card design

free download love you printable card design

Sometimes you can use graphics pretty directly, but consider overlaying colors, creating layers and other combinations. It’s truly a fun process to use something beautiful and make something else even more beautiful!

Love you Printable Cards

Download these free love you printable cards are chic and modern - free download on

Download Love You Printable Cards PDF

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Free Printable Cards – Cute Girl Drawing Design

Looking for versatile free printable cards? Check out this cute girl drawing design that makes a great everyday blank notecard.

Free printable cards - Cute Girl drawing design for notecards

Today I wanted to share this cute girl drawing I created in the form of a printable notecard. This is a black and white design that is easy for anyone to print at home. Just print actual size and cut your paper in half. Then you can fold and have two notecards ready to use.

The great thing about this free printable cards design is that you can color it yourself and customize to your own needs. For the minimalist in all of us, use it plain, because it’s the message inside that really matters.

If you are more DIY and papercrafty, try decorating and embellishing the cards up. You can also make a crafternoon out of it with your kids, letting them color up a bunch of notecards to stash as ready-made stationery.

I hope you will enjoy using this design, because I’m always doodling up little girls, seems to be my default doodle!

Download the free notecard design PDFs below, just choose your preferred paper size.

Download Cute Girl Drawing Notecards A4 PDF
Download Cute Girl Drawing Notecards LETTER PDF

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Masculine mustache printable card

Looking for a more masculine card for the men in your life? Check out this freebie mustache printable greeting card that still screams cute in the end.

Looking for a more masculine card for the men in your life? Check out this freebie mustache printable greeting card that still screams cute in the end.

Whether you are printing this card for Father’s Day or any occasion for the men in your life, this mustache printable is a perfect little greeting card to use.

I love creating patterns and love printables, so this is a nice combination with a very graphic look. No pink in this design, just neutral browns and blacks.

You can print this design out and use for all the occasions when you need a card for the boys.

You can also use the pattern printable as decor or a papercrafting resource… scrapbooking and art journaling as well.

Just download your preferred paper size below.

Download Pattern Mustache Card A4 PDF
Download Pattern Mustache Card LETTER PDF

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Free Printable Vintage Valentine Cards

Looking for free printable vintage valentine cards that aren’t creepy or cringey for modern day times? Download these updated designs!

Download vintage-styled valentine love cards for free on

Recently I came across this article of Sexist Vintage Valentine’s on Buzzfeed and it reminded me how the look of vintage valentine’s are cute – but they are often cringey and embarassing! I suppose they reflect the times, but the sentiments are usually not appropriate and certainly not what I want to say to my friends and loved ones.

So I thought it would be fun to riff off the vintage vibe and just design my own valentine cards. These new designs are definitely modern vintage, but they still have that old world paper feel. Now with a much more straightforward sentiment, I think these printable valentines would be great for your significant others as well as friends.

Just send them a note of love and care… especially during difficult times, because it’s nice to hear from friends and know they care. Download and print these at home, however many copies you need to send out. There are two different designs that can be printed trimmed and folded into traditional cards.

Download Free Printable Vintage Valentine Cards

For personal use, feel free to download the PDF that contains both card designs for printing. Just click the link below and save to your computer.

Preview of free printable valentine cards - Will you be my Valentine? and Sweet Valentine will you be mine? in a modern vintage design style.

Download Vintage Valentine Cards PDF

Who would you like to send these vintage valentines to this year? I hope you enjoy using these are greeting cards, but you can also trim and tip them into your art journaling and decorate your planner. Have fun with it and enjoy these free printables.

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Download these free printable vintage valentine cards on

Ways to Wrap Gift Cards + Free Printable Stars Paper

Let me share a few ways to wrap gift cards for last minute gift giving plus free printable star patterned papers that you can print and use instantly!

free printable holiday stars patterned paper + ways to wrap gift card //

As we get closer to Christmas day, gift cards make it easy to quickly check off your list, especially for hard to shop for friends. Are you are on the last-minute band wagon grabbing gift cards as a last resort? Or perhaps, you actually enjoy giving gift cards, because they allow you to show your gratitude without burdening people with another generic novelty gift item?

Personally, I really love the idea of gift cards if you don’t have a very specific gift in mind for your recipient. It gives THEM the power to choose what they truly would like and eliminates the random knick knacks and junk that ends up cluttering the house.

The problem is how to package up the gift card as an actual pretty gift.

You have to admit that it’s nice to unwrap an actual gift during the holidays. The element of surprise is always a delight. But even just the aesthetics of packaging up a gift, shows that you put effort into it. I think it’s nice to add a special handmade touch to gift card giving, so check out the ideas below for wrapping them up as gifts.

Even though gift cards are easy to pick up at the store and have pretty designs on them already, I still like to put them in a pretty envelope at the least. Or even better, is to package it in a pretty box or container that you can traditionally wrap up. The extra effort of packaging it up really does make the recipient feel special and loved. And for those who are making multiples for teachers or co-workers, it’s definitely a good idea to spruce up the gift cards with a handmade component.

Well, I love paper printables and the easiest way to package up a gift card is to put it in a small box and wrap it up like a traditional gift! Even wrapping up an envelope can be a nice idea, because there’s still that element of presenting a nicely wrapped gift with a ribbon on top.

So I designed a set of simple, elegant, printer-friendly holiday stars papers to share with you. They are easy to print at home, as many copies as you might need for wrapping up small items like gift cards.

Download the 12×12 inch printable PDFs below, in your preferred color and wrap away.

Gold  Holiday Stars Patterned Paper PDF

Red Holiday Stars Patterned Paper PDF

Silver Holiday Stars Patterned Paper PDF

If you want to get a bit more creative, check out these other ideas I found around the web. There really are so many creative ways to use paper to wrap up your gift cards:

DIY Gift Card Holder Pocket: Follow this tutorial with your favorite cardstock, printable paper or wrapping paper even, to make a holder for your gift cards.

Classic Origami Gift Card Holder: Learn the basics of how to use one sheet of paper to make a gift card holder by folding!

Another origami card holder: If you have a large enough piece of paper, there are many options for folding a pocket for gift cards.

Envelope from A4 paper: I think this origami tutorial is just super cool 🙂

I hope these ideas were helpful for you! Get creative and show you care with beautifully presented gift cards this Christmas season.

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