I’m participating in the Do What You Love postcard swap and decided to use leather in my project, because I have so much at my disposal and always want to make use of it! The theme is CREATE, so I thought it would be great to include a motivational phrase – simple and direct.


The sentiment is printed on canvas paper (another material I have stashed up and need to use) and everything is stitched and glued together. Pretty hefty and thick! But I really love the fact that there are lots of layers and texture.


Since I’m living in Italy and need to mail my postcard to the USA, I thought it would be best to protect it in an envelope. Instead of writing on the back of the postcard, I decided to include my create fearlessly girl postcard. It goes with the theme after all!


I hope my swap partner likes it and gets a bit of creative inspiration from the mix of materials and simple message.


I had so much fun creating my postcard, just going with my creative whim while my son was napping. It’s amazing how a little bit of creativity can really brighten up your day! I’m realizing that deadlines are necessary for me to get things done… I’m such a project-based kind of person.

How have your creative DIY efforts been going lately?


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