Along with December Daily, I’ve also been scrapbooking as I normally do. I have a huge stack of photos and although it sounds bad to just “get them done with” – at the same time, yes, I want to get them done with!

I store my pages in regular binders, so it’s easy to create on demand and put them in order after the fact, but I feel so much that it is a catching up game. Although there’s no pressure to document every event, occasion or photo…of those I do want to scrap…I hate feeling behind. I also find it hard to remember what it was all about after so much time. It’s madness.

I would so much rather just go along the way, like having a sketchbook or journal with photos in it. Project life and smash books go in that direction of things. Maybe I will switch completely, as I’ve been thinking about it. But there’s all these photos to “finish up.” I like being able to flip back in time, the chronology makes sense even though it’s not every day of the year. There is order to the chaos.

I think that I’m definitely going through a phase of not wanting to buy so many supplies and needing alphas and that kind of thing. It’s so consumer oriented when I’m not so much like that…not to mention it’s just a pain trying to get supplies here in Europe. Maybe it’s just me.

Also, I kept seeing sketchbooks and already bound books being used…and think it’s an intriguing idea, because it tends more toward the freedom to use whatever media or technique you feel like – it’s not traditional scrapbooking. Even Kristina’s the founder of 2ps used a bound journal for a while in scrapbooking. Goes to show you can do what you want really. Now is the challenge of finding a proper journal 🙂
I think we often work on separate pages due to ease of working with, usually going out of order and to not make your sketchbook super fat. But I’m sure those issues can be overcome if one does go in order all the time. Now I’m just babbling about my thoughts… trying to re-evaluate my method in scrapbooking and what is truly fun and exciting for me. Listen to the latest episode of The Digi Show if you want to hear Peppermint’s thoughts…I really was touched by her thoughts and how she revealed it all.

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