Hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween… I was actually busy putting my minibook together! It’s sort of a compilation of best hits from year to year, which will be nice to put out on the table each October. The funny costumes, the pumpkins we have carved – that kind of thing.

I actually made a huge boo-boo in scratching up my front cover photo (shouldn’t have printed it on glossy paper I think!) But I was determined to go with it and starting scratching purposefully on it…so my pumpkin is saying boo! It turned out quite nice and reminded me again that perfection is silly indeed.

The cute little images are my own Halloween illustrations. I printed them onto canvas paper and added a panel for the top of the front cover. But will be cutting out the little bits to spread throughout the pages. I love using my own products in a hybrid way…there’s something about canvas paper.

BTW, the vampire bat paper is actually my design printed on kraft paper, another digital doodle I created. Hope you enjoyed a little peek into my mini… now I have to add all the journaling strips. The most tedious part for me, although I love the look of them!

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