I had previously posted a bag and box template, but those templates actually came out of my original experimentation with creating a house with paper. Actually, it all started with a birdhouse template video I saw by Marion Smith and I thought I could create my own version of a house or home from that idea. After a bunch of prototypes I’ve realized there are two options possible and I’ve included both below for download, so you can play along! One version has the roof separated, so it can overhang on top of the house shape…the other is just all one piece folded up like a box. Simpler in some respects but you don’t get the overhanging of the roof detail…

From experimenting, I’ve realized there are a lot of details to figure out in creating a template. I’m sure more can be perfected in regards to what I’ve posted, but I’m happy to have figured out that I can do it myself! It’s fun to realize that really we can make any shape we want and of course the thicker the cardstock the more sturdy it will be in the end. I suppose you can use the template to create the shape with any material type that is sturdy enough!

Download house templates PDF files

In my examples I’ve used regular copy paper which results in a flimsy structure. Not only that, it’s hard to glue everything together when the paper is not so sturdy – go with wet adhesive if possible! I’m sure I’ll be trying out other shapes and exploring more papercrafting and design on them as well. I like to create these custom little pieces, super fun and now I’m thinking I can create an entire village so the kids can play with them…cool! Let me know if you have any requests or ideas as well 🙂 Enjoy!

Also, let me take a moment to say – have a fabulous holiday season and a MEGA Happy New Year – until 2011! Ciao ciao!

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