I suppose sometimes you get in a roll and it’s best to let it run free – such is the case with scrapbooking these days for me. I actually organized the mega pile of printed photos I had into envelopes. I think it unrealistic to scrap in chronological order, but I can go at it in sections when the inspiration strikes. I wonder for how folks organize their albums, if they don’t scrap in order. Is it just a mish mash of layouts or organized by date or theme perhaps? By theme seems to make sense for minibooks, but haven’t totally figured it out in terms of scrapbook albums.

I’ve been scrapping away, just sort of on the side, in the midst of other work whenever I feel like it. Helps to have the supplies there and some photos and journaling prepared as well. Sort of doing what you can, when you can and putting it all together in the end. My pages are not masterpieces by any means and I certainly don’t have the latest products…pretty difficult and expensive here in Italy. But I just like the process and like the idea of a marathoning or rampaging…if that makes sense. Because you only get to know yourself better when you just keep trying, right?

I’ve certainly made mistakes and blunders along the way, things not working out exactly as I had imagined…but I suppose that will reveal a bit about me through my scrapbooks. One of these days, I suppose it’ll be alright to do an album all about me. I have so many photos…but it does seem so self-centered at the same time. Always a struggle. Hmm… I would really appreciate any comments on your thoughts about organization and how you scrap. Any tips tricks, questions…anything. Thanks!

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