So I’ve been MIA doing the very important work of giving birth to our son on February 27th and diving into the duties of being a mom. Now I know what it’s like first-hand and it’s not possible to describe all the feelings I have inside. Suffice to say that it’s beautiful and amazing and whatever sacrifices – they are totally worth it. I amaze myself in that I have no urge to look back or analyze as I might have in the past. Everything is about possibility, happiness and looking forward to opportunity and the beautiful things to come.


Our new arrival is definitely taking up a lot of my time, although I’m already seeing the signs of a routine forming naturally. I could spend all day just staring at the little guy, but I realize there needs to be a balance. There is life as a mom, right?! I decided immediately to enroll in Lilla Rogers Studio School – Make Art The Sells – something I had already been considering.


I realize now how important it is to invest in yourself. It’s about believing in yourself as well. Moms need to have their own time and I still have ambitions and goals to work towards outside of family life. Recently, I’ve also realized how many of us try to DIY too much. It’s not always the best path. Why not reach out for help? Connect, learn, grow. The monetary investment for the course is already like putting a  stake into the ground of commitment and I can’t wait to start showing the art that I have inside of me. Before the school starts up officially, I have a period of time to prepare, so things are going to be a bit here and there in tortagialla land.

Just wanted to thank everyone who follows my blog, subscribes to my newsletter and supports me through my Etsy. I really do appreciate it and looking forward to sharing more and more with you. Ciao ciao from Italy!

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