No surprise that the summer has passed by so quickly for me. What about you?


I spent half of summer in the USA with family and the other half, split up with the beginning trying to prepare for the big trip with my baby/toddler son and the other part trying to recuperate when we returned to Italy!


I had a great time back in Southern California and took another vacation in Austria with the hubby… and now that Fall is settling in… it’s really time to jump back on the horse, so to speak. I feel as if I’ve been sliding off all year and at some point have just been laying on the ground, staring at the sun. Does that make any sense, at all?

It’s a weird feeling, suffice to say.

It’s Labor Day for folks in the USA, but it’s also the first of the month when a reminder pops up on my calendar to take stock of the past month. Billing, taxes, analytics, reflection, planning – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Do you regularly check-in with yourself?

Ultimately, I realized that motherhood has taken over my life as my days from start to finish are all about my boy and how he feels and what he needs. Everything else is secondary and even when there are attempts to take time for myself, it’s really like take a breather, a slight pause, not really time where I can get down and serious with my ambitions and interests.

Let’s just say I am still struggling when it comes to creating art with parenting responsibilities.


The other issue is that I can’t even decide what I want to tackle when there are chunks available to me. I end up tidying up my studio or fixing some computer issue. I’m obviously in a state of avoidance. Journaling and sketching has been on an all time low for me.

In reflecting on all this, I realize that nothing will change, if I don’t make a change. Duh! The key is small, tiny, baby (hah, a pun!) steps. Little progress is still progress. I just need to figure out how to do what I want to do, in small chunks. There will never be the luxury of hermit art days… it’s just not going to happen with my current lifestyle.

Create something, every single day.

Perhaps a bit broad, but I think you get the point. It’s like building up momentum. I happened to organize my old journals and it did pick me up to see all that I have created before. Hey, I can do this… just need to get back to it. I suppose, it’s back to school for me this September.

What have you been up to this summer? Are you satisfied with your accomplishments? Looking for more? What will your action goal be this month? Would love to hear how you make time and motivate yourself to create!

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