I love it when you have one of those really productive days, when you don’t even realize how much work you’ve accomplished and the time just flies by!  Yesterday was one of those wonderful days for me.

I did a lot of different things creatively and appreciated so much the time I have for these explorations.  The enjoyment that it all brings is uber satisfaction indeed!  After my blog maintenance and creating my first repeating tile background, a leafy background – I decided to do a bit more practice.  I created some more tiling backgrounds, pretty simple at this point as I try to get the hang of it.  Here’s what I came up with…

20090902notes20090902spoonfork20090902envelopesYou can find these patterns on fabric on Spoonflower – yay!

After the patterns, I decided to get off the computer and do some painting.  I finished painting the white ceramic turtle I bought in a local pottery shop in Greece way back in June! Finally!

20090902turtleI also thought of an embroidery design for a dress with a hole in it (behind one of those cream felt leaves) – courtesy of Romeo’s giant paw, our resident feisty Labrador who likes to jump all over me.  Sticking on some type of applique or embroidery can help to salvage clothing with tiny holes or blemishes.

20090902embroideryThen I finished off the entire afternoon painting the first few pieces of my Super Babies series for a future show at Monkeyhouse.  My hand was cramping up by dinnertime as these are small 4 inch by 4 inch pieces, but it was sweet pain because I love these little superheroes so much!

20090902superbabiesI’m thinking of doing some little baby girls to add to the series and diversify.  I went to bed last night with a million other ideas swirling in my head and wishing I could hurry up and wake up already.  I hope you can have a fabulous and productive day as I have…create, enjoy and be happy!

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