Hello everyone! I’ve been super busy with work and had a visitor here in Italy, so time just flies and those errands and tasks really pile up, even after just a week. I wanted to share some more printable stationery and some hybrid card making techniques, but first let me show off my minibook preparations. This will be the first time I participate with Ali EdwardsA Week In The Life scrapbooking event. Basically, she encourages you to scrap a full week of your life…and I thought it was such a cool idea as you can see how a week of your life changes from year to year. I decided to make sort of a minibook, just A4 papers folded in half because it’s the most convenient for me. What I decided to do was prep as much of the book as possible, then fill it in as I go along the actual week that starts on Monday, April 19th.

So I created the various pages that will be bound together somehow, haven’t decided what type of binding yet. ¬†The cover is using some traditional Florentine paper I bought in town – I have rolls and rolls I really should use so it seemed like a great opportunity. I just put some text together for the title and printed that out. The year “2010” is printed out and embossed with sparkly powder twice. There’s also the strip of photos of me being silly…If you haven’t already seen LaPhotoCabine – check that website out to take photos of yourself in the old photobooth fashion. I added a piece of cork and ribbon embellishments. Not sure what else I’ll add…I don’t think it’s done yet!

The inside pages have the bottom wrapped with a text-designed kraft paper – something I designed and offered for download in an old post…one of my favorites! I’m planning for it to be a pocket to store ephemera or it can just be part of the background if I have nothing to stick into it. The tabs at the bottom are for labeling the days, cute from an old Italian book of lucky numbers from dreams – bizarre!

For journaling, I made little journaling rectangles, even though it doesn’t provide much space I realized afterwards. My photos will be digital photo collages that I can do on the computer and print out to add…maybe journaling can be incorporated in that.¬†Everything is very earthy, brown kraft paper style. I plan to use some simple stamping and if I can slice more cork thinly enough to make them into button embellishments. I don’t want it to become too thick though, I like books to be storable as books and not bulging madly. We’ll see how it goes! Are you participating and making preparations, as well? I wonder how folks plan to tackle this project!?

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