Transform your walls with beautiful artwork, bringing good vibes and pretty design into your home with tortagialla, design by Linda Tieu.

Hello! My name is Linda and I’m the designer behind tortagialla. I’m so glad you’re here and my hope is that you’ll find artwork that helps you create a living space that is unique to you, bringing joy and good vibes into your home.

I’ve always been a maker, a crafty little kid who dabbled in all the things. But I really found my jam in university when I learned to use design programs and realized that I could create artwork starting with a totally blank computer screen.

tortagialla started as my creative baby after moving from Los Angeles, California to Tuscany, Italy back in 2009. It took me years to find my way, but I finally found my calling in creating wall art that exudes positivity, inspiration, motivation and all the good things in life.

Inspired by the knowledge that our physical environment greatly affects our mood and emotions, I want to provide inspirational home decor in the form of affordable printable art for all.

There is truly no better feeling than to realize that folks like you choose to put my artwork on your walls… what an honor!

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