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For the love of art & design…

Hello! I'm Linda TieuHello! My name is Linda Tieu and I’m the girl behind this blog. I’m also mama to Christopher and Alice, living in the Tuscan hills of Italy with my amazing husband and Westie dog (we named him Vash the Stampede, if you know where that’s from then we’ll get along for sure!)

I’m originally from Southern California and grew up a valley girl. My online adventures started in my teen years, the pre-blog days of making animated webpages because I learned a thing called HTML.

Now I share my many creative passions on this blog, with loads of DIY printables because it’s instant access and art for all.

So I continue to draw, design and create so that I can make free printables to share. Anything from collage sheets to planner inserts to patterned paper and all kinds of printable stationery.

I love how a little color and design can give anything a complete makeover.

Ultimately, living a creative life to me, means using my creativity and expression to work towards a better and brighter life.

I believe that creativity enables us to express ourselves.

Expression leads to learning and self-development.

That leads to improvement and change in our lives.

And that means there is always hope for the better.


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Thanks for visiting my digital home. I truly hope that I can share something good with you and help you along your creative journey!

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