Happy Monday to everyone and today I’m officially starting my every weekday blogging schedule, with each day dedicated to a particular topic of interest. I’ve decided to continue with Monday inspirational posts. I’m going to add more resources and links as well though, because I naturally do some research whenever I get enamored by a subject, so why not share the knowledge? BTW, how do you like my cute little banner for Mondays?

This week I wanted to talk all about zines. I most recently created my very own first handmade zine called Pensieri and received some questions about zines and making them. I wanted to share the inspiration, resources and links that I came upon through the process of creating Pensieri. Perhaps you have the urge to get into the zine making scene as well? It’s really just a another vehicle available for all of us to share with each other.A zine is a mini magazine or fanzine, usually created through photocopies and constructed by hand, thus circulated in low quantities. Ultimately it’s self-publishing that started back in the day before you could order just a few professionally bound books online. It’s very indie and reminds me of cool interest clubs from back in high school. I love the freedom we have these days to spread our ideas and zines seem to fit right into the handmade touch and crafty community.

I’ve come across really simple zines before, like Eraserqueen’s printable one-pager that folds up about color. The first zines I bought were¬†Craft Leftovers and Mixtape. They are pretty established publications in the sense that there’s a huge following and people subscribe to them like any other magazine subscription you can order. There are still limited quantities and it’s more about the content, not the paper or such. From there I learned about many more zines through Crafty Pod’s All About Zines podcast. They really can be anything, running the gamut from simple photocopies stapled together to full-blown graphic designed books. I personally like the handmade, old school type a bit more… they just seem so much more interesting and fun to read through. I suppose the important thing is if the content is capitivating. I’ve also bought iHanna’s Mettazine and her mention of I Heart Zines and their zine swap really pushed me to create my own zine. I didn’t make it for the 2010 zine swap, but really looking forward to continuing my Pensieri zine into a series and joining in next year to swap zines with other indie makers. Swapping is a great way to make one yourself and then get to enjoy a whole variety in the end. Just like regular magazines out there, zines are fun to have, informative and sort of cool, too.

Creating a little book really forces you to synthesize your thoughts on a subject into a cohesive, finished presentation. So zine making helps you to analyze more deeply a topic you are interested in and then you are able to turn around and share it with others. The interactive zines with little bits to play with or draw in really interest me as well. I always liked those types of books from childhood. You learn something new and you have fun at the same time. That seems like an ideal situation and fun times. Maybe a word game, a pullout or some tactile item included? If you are up for a real challenge, I did come across a 24-hour zine creation challenge, but I don’t think I could ever accomplish that! Takes me a long time to create just one. Perhaps because I’m still a beginner, but I’m already hooked. I have ideas slated for my second Pensieri zine and you heard it first – it’s all about pockets, secret hiding places for your art journaling, scrapbooking and crafting. Oooo!!! I hope you’ve been inspired and please feel free to add your thoughts, ideas and resources to the comments below. Ciao ciao!

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