Hello lovelies!  I’m back and working to get myself on track with blog posting and art projects this lovely 2010 – year of the Tiger!  Regardless of past events, I am filled with positivity in mind and heart and looking forward to new opportunities and being brave and bold like the Tiger this year.  If you are interested you can also read the wiki to learn more about the Chinese zodiac.  I am so very lucky to start the week with some fantastic snail mail – Stampington magazines!  I ordered Greencraft and few other back issues of their publications and they’ve finally arrived providing so much inspiration – my eyes are all lighted up and glistening with excitement!  I love so many of their publications because they are always filled with fantastic photography of art and craftwork.  It’s definitely eye candy time and although the price might be a bit more for a magazine, it’s really like a book you would keep to flip through for inspiration all the time.  No doubt, many of us have subscriptions to various art and craft magazines and agree that they provide many new ideas for our work.


However, don’t turn only to art and craft magazines for inspiration…I feel that everything can be inspiration and all magazines provide visual lush for you to pick through.  I also receive Glamour magazine, Italian version here in Italy – I just like it for the smaller compact size!  I know they are usually filled with advertisements more than anything else, but they are beautiful.  Fashion, colors and style on every page – I find myself ripping out pages for a variety of reasons.  Perhaps the color palette was really attractive, perhaps a little sketch sparked an idea or some imagery can be used in collage.  The possibilities are endless and I think regularly getting your intake of visual imagery helps in whatever art or craft you work in.  There’s no need to know or understand how you will use these bits of inspiration, just let your brain take it all in.  Now I can grab a huge cup of coffee and snuggle up to my magazines.  Grab one yourself and enjoy!

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