Today’s prompt was about dreams and I immediately wanted to use photos from when I was very young. I actually don’t have a whole lot of old photos – I don’t think there was even a camera in the family. But my oldest brother probably got into the hobby at some point and there are snapshots of major events from relatives. I had scanned a whole lot of photos from an old family album, but haven’t gotten around to scrapbooking all of them yet. This was the perfect occasion for these photos. I’m compiling an “All About Me” album, so these types of pages will be going into that folder.

There are many different stories to tell about my childhood and my little girl self, but I decided to just write and the words came out as such. It’s sort of overview-ish in my mind… general thoughts from the perspective of being “grown-up” now. I suppose it might be an opening page, because I will probably print these photos out again!

The page was done primarily digitally, using papers from my Sweetest Dreams MiniKit. I printed the whole page with photos, title and journaling on glossy photo paper. I wasn’t planning on adding anything else, but then just wanted to add touches here and there. I don’t know if it’s necessarily meaningful, but added some bling and cute chipboard elements just because.

Here’s the journaling:

I’ve always been a daydreamer, playing out scenarios in my mind. I knew that the events wouldn’t necessarily play out in reality, but the freedom in imagination – my hopes and dreams were without limits. There was most definitely a sense of possibility and unknown boundaries to push. I think that is the most important aspect to remember. The creative freedom we have as children pushes us to experiment, learn, and forever grow. Anything is possible in that distant future…

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