Recently there was a podcast on The Paperclipping Roundtable about scrapping 8.5×11 and I really enjoyed the discussion and experimentation that folks are going through in terms of combining traditional pages with Project Life pockets and inserts. I believe that the mix of page sizes gives me flexibility to match the stories I want to tell and the ephemera I want to keep. It totally makes sense to me that not every story warrants the same physical size of documentation. I think that is why Project Life became so popular… all those little stories that would have never made it into a traditional scrapbook page layout.

Here’s my set of April memory book pages and inserts. This time around I printed a lot of full-sized photos from the various events we did as a family. The very first page is actually a regular page protector with lots of confetti inside. I only wanted to include a 4×6 card, but it’s too small for the 3 ring binder system, so this was my way to create a see-thru page and holder for the card.


Again, I am still loving the mix of full pages and various inserts and ephemera. It does take a bit more work when it comes to irregular sizes and matching up back and fronts. The only annoying point this month was that I used matte photo paper for my prints. I started to miss the sheen and shine of glossy photo paper. Somehow, I need to find an in between, not too glossy and plasticish, but not matte either. Hmm…

Embellishments and project life cards are from the April Project Life® Kit that I subscribe to by Studio Calico plus stuff in my stash. Simplicity is definitely the key to getting things documented without much fuss.

Finally, my worry is still in regards to how fat this book will become. Not even half the year has gone by, but it seems pretty full already! Eeek!

How is your scrapbooking and memory keeping going?


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