This month I decided to watch the video interviews on CreativeLive by Chase Jarvis and get some daily inspiration, motivation and wisdom. I’ve decided to blog about the series, logging my thoughts and takeaways…

Day 5 creative genius – Arianna Huffington.

We’ve all heard of the Huffington Post and this is the lady that helped to create it. Amazingly driven, she basically worked so much to the point that her body couldn’t take it and that “fail” was a turning point for her.

The conversation was mostly around how important sleep is for creativity and generally how it contributes and enables you to be your best self. I think we all know sleep is important, but it’s easy to be deprived when there’s just so much to do these days. I know that for me, the first thing that goes is usually sleep, because we want to make more time.

Heck, I go to sleep later because I want to watch these interviews. Ironic, huh?

Go deeper, not just transactional on the surface of things.

I really related to the discussion about how we can still go through the motion of things with lack of sleep. Zombie-like living basically, but in that state it’s pretty hard to go deeper – to that place where real Creativity with a capital C comes from. I totally get that.

I remember reading Power Sleep back in my college days, because Maas is a professor at Cornell where I attended. And yes the science tells us how much difference sleep does make and that we all have to figure out what our ideal sleep time is… but even though I was thoroughly convinced… it’s still difficult to put all the knowledge to practice in our hectic lives.

After becoming a mom, it’s even more difficult with the constant interruptions to nighttime sleep when caring for young children. As with all things, Huffington and Jarvis both talk about how we just have to take it bit by bit and improve our habits. It won’t happen overnight (lol, is that a pun about sleep or what?)

Incremental change, no matter how small, will still be a step in the right direction.

That’s my major takeaway from the interview.

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