Today is one of those cold inside and outside days.  You know that in the wintertime it can certainly get cold outside…but it doesn’t always seep into you as a person.  Today I feel cold inside as well because things just aren’t going the way I want and I know many of us participating with AEDM have experienced those blocks and slow days.  Although it can be beautiful, I’m not a huge fan of cold weather…it so easily brings me down.

I’ve been working on my watercolor hairstyle pieces referenced in a previous post, but somehow it’s not turning out the way I had imagined.  It’s so frustrating when you can see something in your mind, but you just can’t make it happen!  I’m going to take a break and just see what happens, however I did doodle a bit and it turned into a visual representation of my fear, I think.


Something about putting myself out there more than I am comfortable with.  What if people don’t like what I do and something about how scary it is to take risks.  I’m so afraid to take that big leap of opening up a shop on Etsy, first impressions are so important…but of course, I’ll never get anywhere if I don’t get my butt into gear and get things done and share it.  I know, I know…sigh.  Too much churning in my mind…

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