Wow.  I just have to say again, thank you to everyone who stopped by and left me words of encouragement and feedback on yesterday’s post.  Grazie mille…because I really couldn’t have done all of this and gotten to this point without the support of all of you.  I’m so happy that the internet allows us to be a community, even though we are spread out all over the world.  Talk about amazing times!  Also, thank you to Leah from Creative Every Day for starting Art Every Day Month…because this initiative has really been great motivation for me.  We aren’t yet half-way through and I feel as if it’s a big turning point in my journey already.  So darn cool! Gahh!!!

Also, I really love what Leah posted for today’s AEDM check-in:

You are amazingly creative. Yes, you, reading this. You are an artist. Believe it. Know it. Drink it in. And keep on creating.

I am taking it all in and continuing to work on my little royal series of portraits.  They are all women with fantastic hairstyles and royal titles…a bit of props for all the females out there, the multiple titles and ranks we all hold, the multiple hats (or hairpieces and styles) we wear but that deep inside, we are all just little girls at heart.  Thoughts still stirring in my mind as I work on these pieces, of course.  For today, I present you with The Empress!


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